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Trump Continues Shake up of Intel and Justice Communities

President Trump and his administration have continued to shake up the intelligence and justice communities which have been highlighted by a controversial intelligence community appointment. According to The Hill: President Trump is challenging two institutions with crucial roles to play in the next election with a controversial appointment to the intelligence community and tweets directed at

Vice President Pence Will Lead Coronavirus Task Force

President Trump has appointed Vice President Mike Pence to be the Coronavirus Czar. Pence will oversee the United States’ response to the health crisis. According to The Hill: President Trump on Wednesday announced that Vice President Pence would lead the administration’s coronavirus response, seeking to bolster public confidence after days of mixed messages from top officials.

Trump Administration Will Resume Public Land Coal Leases

The Trump administration has announced it will begin leasing public lands for coal mining and prospecting. According to The Hill: The Trump administration announced on Wednesday that it will be resuming coal leasing on public lands, angering conservationists. The Bureau of Land Management said in a statement Wednesday that it had completed an environmental assessment and found no

Pompeo Reveals Trump Admin’s Plan to Counter Iran

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has revealed the Trump administration’s plan to deal with Iran and to end the failed nuclear deal once and for all. According to The Washington Free Beacon: RIYADH, Saudi Arabia—The Trump administration is waging a multi-pronged effort to thwart Iran’s expansion across the Middle East, including efforts at the United

President Trump to Hold Press Conference on Coronavirus

President Trump will hold a press conference to discuss the coronavirus on Wednesday. President Trump has spent much of his time trying to reassure the American public that the threat from the virus is low and the government is in control. According to The Daily Wire: President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced that he will

REPORT Trump Admin Freezes Funding for Hurricane Barriers

The Trump administration has reportedly frozen funding for hurricane barriers that were part of a study. The barriers were seen as costly and were being built around New York to potentially protect it from future storm surge. According to The Hill: A federal study aimed at protecting the New York and New Jersey waterfronts from rising sea

Trump Announces Billion Dollar Defense Deal With India

President Trump announced a massive $3 billion defense deal with India in front of a stadium pack with over 100,000 people. According to The Hill: President Trump on Monday was offered a warm welcome during his first trip to India and announced that the U.S. and India would sign a defense deal for New Delhi to purchase

Arnold Schwarzenegger Offers Rare Praise of Trump for Addressing Homelessness

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is giving President Trump rare praise for his approach to homelessness. According to The Daily Wire: Last week, the usually anti-Trump Arnold Schwarzenegger publicly thanked the president for his efforts to address the burgeoning homeless crisis in California. At an event hosted by the University of Southern California (USC) last

Trump to Waive Laws to Speed up Border Construction

President Trump is looking to waive certain federal contracting laws in order to speed up the construction of the southern border wall. According to The Hill: The Trump administration is waiving certain procurement regulations to help speed up construction on the border wall. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said Tuesday that 177 miles of