WaPo Journalist Says Media Must Stand Against Trump Reelection Bid

The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan used her final column to encourage journalists throughout the mainstream media to use their positions to stop former President Donald Trump from being reelected.

According to the Washington Post:

Journalists certainly shouldn’t shill for Trump’s 2024 rivals — whoever they may be — but they have to be willing to show their readers, viewers and listeners that electing him again would be dangerous. That’s a tricky tightrope to walk.


One thing is certain. News outlets can’t continue to do speech, rally and debate coverage — the heart of campaign reporting — in the same old way. They will need to lean less on knee-jerk live coverage and more on reporting that relentlessly provides meaningful context.

Real-time fact checking is of limited usefulness, in my view. Better to wait until these live events have occurred and then present them packaged with plenty of truthful reporting around them.

Journalists simply can’t allow themselves to be megaphones or stenographers. They have to be dedicated truth-tellers, using clear language, plenty of context and thoughtful framing to get that truth across.

News organizations also have to continually explain to their readers, viewers and listeners why they are doing what they’re doing. If they aren’t airing a speech live, for example, they ought to say why. Not because they are on the team of the opposing candidates, but because they are not in the business of spreading lies.

So my prescription — and it’s only a start — is less live campaign coverage, more context and thoughtful framing, and more fearless straight talk from news leaders about what’s at stake and why politics coverage looks different. The latter could take many forms: editors’ notes on stories, columns written by news directors and posted prominently on websites, public appearances, and more.

Read more at the Washington Post.

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Mr. B
Mr. B
1 month ago


1 month ago

Right On! Mr. B

1 month ago

The hatred of the Swamp Creatures and their toadies and minions is so deep and the brainwashing has been so pervasive and apparently effective, how could we logically expect anything else? I bet not ONE of these loony zombies has even met the President, much less spoken to him.

Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
1 month ago

I earned a BA in Journalism almost 60 years ago. We used local and national newspapers and the wire services as subjects of criticism. The NYT and WaPo enjoyed good (not great) reputations and the Wall Street Journal enjoyed a great reputation. Today’s NYT and WaPo critiqued back then, would have been used to wipe the mud and occasional snow off our galoshes.

In that generation, politics were restricted to one editorial clearly identified as such and strictly limited in length. Due to the outrageous media spectacle covering the Kennedy assassination, I later rejected a pretty good job offer with the Denver Post. It was an unacceptable circus in which I wanted no part. I’ve never regretted my MBA decision and never looked back.

1 month ago

She is just SO audacious!!!! Who in hell does she think she is??? Thank Almighty God she is no more. As she goes, so goes her cracked words.

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