Trump Claims GOP Unified in Attacking Substance of Impeachment

President Trump is claiming that the GOP is unified in their attack of the substance of the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry.

According to The Hill:


President Trump early Wednesday said that “unified” Republicans are starting to attack the substance of the impeachment allegations against him instead of the process of the inquiry.

The president in a series of tweets also described Republicans as “energized” and ready to take on the “Impeachment Hoax with the Do Nothing Democrats.”

Trump also targeted Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the director for European affairs on the National Security Council (NSC), who on Tuesday testified in the impeachment inquiry that he had raised questions about Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president that is at the center of the impeachment inquiry.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) reportedly indicated earlier this week the House GOP will shift from attacking the impeachment inquiry’s process, to criticizing the substance of the allegations against Trump.

It continues to become more apparent that the Democrats launched their investigation with the hope of finding an impeachable offense rather than launching it once an impeachable offense was identified.

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Don Lew
Don Lew
3 years ago

It is about time POTUS let’s his GOP allies do the heavy lifting on the issue of substance. Americans already know the Schiff process is fatally flawed. Americans need to hear that POTUS has a legal responsibility to root out corruption in countries that receive USA aid before they get the money, and that is not a quid pro quo. Let’s keep POTUS focused on his presidential duties.

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