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Key Voting Block Shifting to the GOP

Hispanic voters are looking to the GOP to make their futures brighter and that could mean big wins in the future for the GOP. According to Town Hall: While prevailing wisdom has pointed towards demographic changes in the United States favoring Democrats, according to GOP pollster Curt Anderson, that’s not what polling is showing. In

Republican Senator Demands Federal Pension Fund Stop Investing in China

Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville is demanding that the Federal Pension fund not invest in China. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R., Ala.) introduced legislation to block billions in taxpayer funding from going to China. The senator aims to prevent the federal Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), a retirement fund for federal workers

GOP Proposes Dropping Biggest Hammer Yet on Iran

Congressional GOP Leaders and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have introduced the largest sanctions package on Iran to date. The only catch is if it will gain any support. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The legislation, dubbed the Maximum Pressure Act, would formally codify the Trump administration’s tough sanctions campaign on Iran and force the

GOP Leader McCarthy Reveals Terrible Thing About COVID Relief Bill

Of all the money in the COVID-19 relief package, only 9 percent of it actually goes to COVID. According to Town Hall: It didn’t take the swamp long to come back in full force after former President Trump left office, and there’s no better example of that than the COVID-19 relief bill, House Minority Leader

GOP Gaining Blue Collar Workers

The GOP is apparently gaining the blue-collar voters the Democrat party is bleeding. According to Town Hall: The composition of the two major political parties is fundamentally changing, according to a new poll, and it’s not looking too good for Democrats. According to an NBC News poll, the Democratic Party is bleeding blue-collar workers and those

Former GOP Senator Leading PAC to Help GOP Candidates

Former GOP Senator Cory Gardner is leading a pack that will hopefully give GOP candidates a leg up on the competition. According to Town Hall: After Democrats swept majorities in both chambers of Congress in November and January, while also winning the White House, Republicans look to rebuild in hopes of taking back majorities in

Donors’ Firm Will Conduct ‘Review’ of The Lincoln Project

Senior partners at the firm tasked with conducting the “review” of the Lincoln Project donated to the group, According to The Washington Free Beacon: Paul Hastings, the law firm hired to conduct a “comprehensive review” of the Lincoln Project’s “operations and culture,” could be hard-pressed to deliver a credible result given several of its senior

GOP Officially Flips House Seat

The GOP has officially flipped the last outstanding House race. According to The Washington Free Beacon: New York Democratic congressman Anthony Brindisi conceded his razor-tight contest against Republican Claudia Tenney, handing the last remaining House race of the 2020 cycle to the GOP. Brindisi announced his concession on Monday, writing that he “congratulated Claudia Tenney

Stolen Election Claims Depressed Turn-Out

Claims the election was stolen likely cost the GOP a Senate majority and two wins in Georgia. According to Town Hall: During a week in which Democrats formally finalized their takeover of the US Senate’s instruments of power, and flexed their legislative muscles by pushing through a party-line vote to pave the way for a massive spending bill, it

The Downside of the Corporate Boycott on the GOP

A new report is explaining how the corporate boycott of the GOP could backfire. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The wave of corporations cutting their political giving in the wake of the Capitol riot is intended to punish Republicans for backing the president’s reckless election challenge, but a surprising body of academic research suggests