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Biden Blames Trump Following Collapse Of Multiple Banks

Despite President Joe Biden’s claims of stabilizing the banking industry, it’s clear that his administration’s quick action has not been enough to prevent the collapse of multiple banks. While Biden tried to reassure the public that their deposits would be safe, his comments blaming the Trump administration for rolling back federal regulations only served to

Trump and DeSantis face off in crucial Iowa race for 2024 Republican nomination

The recent visits of Former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to Iowa have ignited speculation about the 2024 Republican nomination race. DeSantis, who has been gaining momentum as a potential candidate, delivered speeches promoting his “Florida blueprint” and cultural wars crusade, while Trump used social media to target DeSantis ahead of his

Trump’s Trifecta: 24 Hours Of NEEDED Leadership

Over the past couple of days, President Trump took only 24 hours to accomplish the perfect trifecta of needed leadership. He has accomplished the perfect trifecta of leadership that our country desperately needs.  He is doing this as a private citizen.  Biden has been asleep at the wheel.  This sleepiness has provoked the MAGA giant. 

Georgia Judge Comes To Decision On Trump Probe Documents

After previous reports that the Georgia special grand jury might release their reports, based on a judge’s recommendation we have some answers. A Georgia judge has agreed to release PARTS of the report after requests. This comes as the judge said he believed other parts could contain due process concerns for named individuals. These reports

Treason Allegations Against U.S. Gen. Mattis From Trump Administration

Allegations are coming out alleging that Defense Secretary Gen. Mattis may have known about Chinese spy balloons that flew over the United States during Trump’s presidency – opted not to inform the President. U.S. Gen Mattis was the Secretary of Defense under President Donald Trump from January 2017 to December 2018. However, he resigned from

Newest Polling Data: Promising Results For Trump vs Biden In 2024

Former President Donald Trump has opened a clear lead over President Joe Biden in a new Harvard-Harris 2024 poll with the poll finding that 46% of Americans said they would vote for Trump in a 2024 election matchup against President Biden, while 41% said they would prefer the current president. Trump at 46% leads Biden’s

New Poll Shows Trump Leading Biden in Iowa

A new New Emerson College poll put together a hypothetical 2024 election match-up between Trump and Biden. Iowa voters were asked about the hypothetic, and probable, 2024 matchup between Trump and Biden, and the findings show that Trump would be leading by 8 points. 47% of likely Iowa favored Trump, while 39% said they would

Trump-Backed Michels Knocks Out Pence’s Candidate in Wisconsin

Wisconsin businessman Tim Michels defeated former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch to become the Republican nominee for the state’s governor, handing former President Trump a win in what was the latest proxy war between him and other GOP leaders who are tentatively lining up to run against him in 2024. After Trump endorsed Michels earlier this