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Democrats Back Down From Attempts to Reverse Trump Legacy Legislation

Democrats have decided to back away from a push to reverse President Trump’s tax cuts. The legislation is something that will be viewed as a legacy moment for President Trump. According to The Hill: Democrats are backing away from vows to reverse President Trump’s tax cuts if they take control of the Senate and White House.

White House Considering ‘Unilateral’ Action on Coronavirus Relief

The White House is reportedly considering “unilateral” action to get coronavirus relief to Americans after attempts by Congress have continuously stalled. According to The Daily Wire: Monday morning, a White House official told Fox News that, while the president is hopeful that Congressional negotiations may continue, the administration is preparing for exigent circumstances. “As the negotiations continue

Surpeme Court Stops Dems From Speeding Up Crusade for Trump’s Financial Docs

The Supreme Court refused to allow the Democrats to speed up their legal battle to obtain President Trump’s financial information. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The decision means that the chances of congressional investigators obtaining Trump’s financial records ahead of the November election, which were already remote, are even lower. Justice Sonia Sotomayor was

Defense Secretary Esper Fires Back at Critical Democrats

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper fired back at Senate Democrats who were critical of the response to the coronavirus. According to The Hill: Defense Secretary Mark Esper shot back Tuesday at a group of Democratic senators who last week panned him for what they described as a failure to sufficiently respond to the coronavirus pandemic. “I am

Democrats Concerned With Trump’s Growing Strength

A new report indicates that Democrats are worried about the growing strength of President Trump. According to The Hill: Senate Democrats are privately acknowledging that President Trump will be very tough to beat in November if the economy stays strong and he draws on the substantial advantages of running as an incumbent. Publicly, Democratic lawmakers are putting

Pete Buttigieg Claims all Trump Voters are Likely Racist

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has recently claimed that 63 million Trump voters are likely racist. According to Town Hall: Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg has repeatedly said those who support President Donald Trump are racist. CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday asked Buttigieg if he regretted making those comments. “Republicans have been seizing, including

Trump’s Job Approval Matches All-Time Hight Amid Impeachment

Despite the Democrats continuing their impeachment crusade against President Trump his approval ratings have reached an all-time high. This is despite the impeachment trial being underway. According to Town Hall: A leftover from late last week that’s worthy of some extra attention, if only to demonstrate the gulf separating the elite media from much of

Federalist Co-Founder Destroys Democrats new Impeachment Evidence

Sean Davis, co-founder of the Federalist pointed out a glaring issue with the new impeachment evidence Democrats have obtained from Lev Parnas. According to Town Hall: As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the Democratic impeachment managers this morning, new “explosive” evidence dropped last night in yet another attempt by Democrats to convince the public that their impeachment

Senate Democrats not Happy With Pelosi Over Articles of Impeachment Hold

Many Senate Democrats are expressing their displeasure with Nancy Pelosi over her decision to hold the Articles of Impeachment in the House of Representatives. According to The New York Post: Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) told Politico that House Democrats “should move on” and send the articles to the Senate. “I think [the trial] needs to start, I