Liberal Media Spreading Lies About Looming Recession

Many in the liberal media are hoping for a recession in order to reduce Trump’s chances at reelection in 2020.

Economists are painting a different picture, however.

According to Town Hall:


A few caveats to start, regarding causes for concern.  First, trade uncertainty is undoubtedly contributing to market jitters, with companies and job creators looking anxiously at the possibility of a related slowdown.  President Trump is largely responsible for this, perhaps jeopardizing the economic progress advanced by some of his successful policies, such as tax reform and deregulation.  Then again, there’s a bipartisan consensus on getting tougher with China, and the Democrat-held House could do its part to inject more certainty on the trade front by allowing a vote on the Trump-approved USMCA, sometimes known as New NAFTA.  Second, there are some signs of a global slowdown, which could drag down the US, even if our economy is relatively strong.  Third, this reliable recession indicator did set off alarm bells last week, understandably so; but it has stabilized since, with markets breathing a sigh of relief.  So let’s keep the more optimistic news rolling:

Key business activity indexes for New York and Philadelphia pointed to continued expansion in August amid worries that the U.S.-China trade war was dampening growth prospects, according to two reports released Thursday. The Empire State Manufacturing Survey had been expected to show a reading of 0.5 while the Philadelphia Fed Business Outlook Survey was projected at 8, according to economists surveyed by Dow Jones. Both readings were well above those expectations, with the New York gauge posting a 4.8 reading and Philadelphia 16.8. To be sure, both were declines from July readings, but they were solidly in growth territory. The indexes measure businesses reporting expansion against those contracting.

Also via CNBC, there’s this story, which significantly downplays the likelihood of a coming recession, highlighting robust US consumer spending:

The U.S. and global economy should avoid a recession in 2020, with a combination of strong retail sales, potential monetary policy easing and service sector robustness expected to mitigate slowing growth, according to several leading economists…However, underlying factors across major economies indicate that recession fears may be overblown, economists have suggested…Strong retail sales figures for July suggested that U.S. consumers are continuing to prop up the economy, partially offsetting the drag on business confidence from the U.S.-China trade conflict. Sales climbed 0.7% month-on-month in July, a fifth successive increase, reiterating the American consumer’s role in providing lifeblood to the economy. A note from UBS Global CIO Mark Haefele on Monday said this reinforces belief that the U.S. economy should avoid a recession. Assuming no trade war escalation, UBS has assigned just a 25% chance that the U.S. economy will contract for two consecutive quarters in 2020.

Numbers for July indicated that retail sales increased, another good sign for the economy.

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4 years ago

Stormy didn’t work, Russian Collusion didn’t work, Racist or White Supremacy isn’t working so I see that our next attack is going to be a failing economy. We have Media actually praying for our country to go into a recession just to get rid of President Trump. That is really like hating the pilot of your plane and hoping he crashes. This is sick, sick. The keep talking about how China is going to hurt us. Well, it may hurt for a short time, but if we hold on and give the tariffs a chance to work, China will bend and President Trump will be the hero. He has said he is willing to give up his re election to make China stop stealing from the US. No other President has had the Moxy to do this, we need to stand with him.

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