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ANALYSTS: Biden’s Budget Would Shrink Economy

Analysts have reported that Joe Biden’s proposed budget will likely shrink the economy over the next few decades. According to The Daily Wire: Economists project that President Biden’s first budget proposal would cut economic output by 1.5% over the next three decades if enacted. A report from Penn Wharton Budget Model — a project of the University

Inflation is Not Good News for Biden

Despite the media trying to convince the public that “inflation is good” in order to help Joe Biden, Americans appear to not be buying it. A new survey finds that the rocketing inflation is bad news for Joe Biden. According to Town Hall: A new nationwide survey found voters blamed President Biden more than anyone

Did Biden ‘Dupe the Fed?’

A new report is alleging that Biden’s policies duped the Federal Reserve. According to Fox Business: Former Chief International Trade economist Peter Morici told FOX Business’ “Varney & Co.” on Wednesday that President Biden’s policies “duped the Fed” into thinking they can print as much money as they want and the “consequences have arrived.” PETER MORICI: The month-over-month numbers are

Unemployment Gets Bad News Under Biden

Unemployment has risen for the first time in over a year, signaling bad news for the “resurgent” Biden economy. According to The Washington Free Beacon: WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. job growth unexpectedly slowed in April, likely restrained by worker shortages that have left businesses scrambling to meet booming demand as the economy reopens amid rapidly

Biden Admin Admits it Will Raise Taxes to Pay for Climate Crusade

The Biden administration has admitted that it will pursue raising taxes to pay for its climate crusade. According to Town Hall: During her confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill this week, Biden Commerce Secretary nominee Gina Raimondo admitted Democrats will have to raise taxes on all Americans, including the middle and lower class, in order to

White House to Host ‘Made in America’ Event to Counter Biden

The White House will host a “Made in America” event to counter the Biden campaign’s push to corner the “buy American” slogan. According to Fox News: EXCLUSIVE: President Trump is expected to host the fourth “Made in America” event at the White House next month, featuring American-made products and American-based companies from all 50 states. “Over the past four

White House Breaks Precedent by Skipping Summer Economic Forecast

The White House has decided to break precedent and skip the summer economic forecast due to the coronavirus. According to The Hill: The White House will not release an updated round of economic projections this summer, breaking from precedent as the U.S. faces its deepest downturn since the Great Depression, two administration officials familiar with

Trump Predicts Vaccine by Year’s End

President Trump is predicting that there will be a vaccine for the coronavirus by the end of this year. According to The Hill: President Trump said Sunday that his administration is confident the United States will have a vaccine for the novel coronavirus by the end of the year. “We think we are going to have

Trump Claims Worst Days of Virus are Behind America

President Trump has reassured Americans that the worst days of the virus are behind us. According to The Hill: President Trump on Tuesday suggested “the worst days” of the coronavirus pandemic are over as he welcomed a group of small-business owners to the White House who have benefited from an emergency loan program he signed into law

White House and Congress Reach Deal to Fund Small Business Loans

The White House and Congress have reached a deal to inject more funding into the small business loan program. According to The Hill: The White House and Congress have reached a deal on a new funding package that will replenish a lending program meant to aid small businesses impacted by the novel coronavirus outbreak, two