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Democrats Proposed Ban Would Kill Millions of Jobs

A proposal by Democrats to end fracking would kill millions of jobs. According to The Washington Free Beacon: A proposed fracking ban put forward by leading Democratic presidential candidates would have a devastating impact on U.S. jobs, energy independence, and even national security, according to several studies. Reports from the American Petroleum Institute, Independent Petroleum

Federal Reserve Caving to Trump’s Pressure?

President Trump has been pressuring the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates and it appears that they are going to do just that. According to The Hill: The Federal Reserve is likely to cut interest rates this week, a move that comes amid growing pressure from President Trump and new uncertainties about the global economy. The Fed

Weekly Jobless Numbers Hit 5 Month LOW

President Trump’s economy is continuing to show strong indicators. New numbers show that the weekly jobless numbers hit a 5 month low. According to The Hill: The number of Americans submitting applications for unemployment benefits fell to a five-month low last week, the Labor Department announced Thursday. Initial filings for benefits fell to a seasonally adjusted 204,000 for the week ending on Sept.

Private Sector Adds More Jobs Than Expected in August

President Trump got good news when the new economic numbers were released. The private sector gained more jobs than expected in  August. According to The Daily Wire: In a new report released on Thursday that bolsters President Trump’s chances of reelection, the ADP Research Institute and Moody’s analytics said private sector employment increased by 195,000 jobs from

Economist Gives Trump’s Economy Strong Outlook

An economist has given President Trump good news heading into the 2020 election. The economist does not foresee a recession before the 2020 election. According to The Daily Wire: Acknowledging that talk of a coming recession has mushroomed recently, one economics expert writing in The New York Times attempted to assuage those fears by noting that the

Trump Scores Three Big Wins at G-7

President Trump recently returned to Washington from France where he attended the G-7 conference. Reports are indicating that he scored three major wins while there. According to Fox News: And they’ve pulled off three big scores in Biarritz. Topping the list is Iran. Iran is a major worry for the G-7 this summer, overshadowing even

Treasury Secretary Tells America to Take Trump Literally

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has issued a warning to Americans that they should take the president literally when he speaks. Watch the latest video at foxnews.com According to Fox News: During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday” this week, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said the American public should take what President Trump says “very literally,” when he

Liberal Media Spreading Lies About Looming Recession

Many in the liberal media are hoping for a recession in order to reduce Trump’s chances at reelection in 2020. Economists are painting a different picture, however. According to Town Hall: A few caveats to start, regarding causes for concern.  First, trade uncertainty is undoubtedly contributing to market jitters, with companies and job creators looking anxiously

Trump’s Economic Agenda Is Delivering Growth Thought Impossible

“My Administration remains very focused on the issues that will encourage economic growth — that’s what we’re all about.” President Donald J. Trump GROWING THE ECONOMY TO NEW HEIGHTS: The American economy continues its strong growth under President Donald J. Trump, with GDP growth reaching 4.1% in the second quarter. With GDP growth reaching 4.1%

Proof That Trump’s Economy is Firing On All Cylinders

Council of Economic Advisers The rate of growth of the economy, also known as Gross Domestic Product or GDP, is one of the most important indicators of the health of our country’s economy.  Today’s news did not disappoint; over the past year (4 quarters), our average annual growth rate has been a healthy 2.8 percent.