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Georgia Judge Comes To Decision On Trump Probe Documents

After previous reports that the Georgia special grand jury might release their reports, based on a judge’s recommendation we have some answers. A Georgia judge has agreed to release PARTS of the report after requests. This comes as the judge said he believed other parts could contain due process concerns for named individuals. These reports

Trump Campaign Hires White House Aide to Oversee Rallies

The Trump campaign has hired a close White House aide to President Trump to see the campaign’s signature rallies. According to The Hill: The Trump campaign is bringing on a White House official to help organize its rallies and oversee its advance team as part of an ongoing staff shake-up. The campaign announced Wednesday that

Trump Campaign Announces NEW Deputy Campaign Manager

The Trump campaign has announced a new deputy campaign manager as well as a new chief of staff for the campaign. According to The Hill: President Trump’s reelection campaign on Tuesday promoted Bill Stepien to deputy campaign manager, making the longtime Republican political adviser a top aide to campaign manager Brad Parscale. The campaign has also promoted Stephanie

POLL: Trump Leads Biden Among Swing State Voters and Independents

A new poll shows Biden leading President Trump nationally, but Trump leading among independents and swing-state voters. According to The Daily Caller: New polling figures released Wednesday by CNN show former Vice President Joe Biden holding a slight general election advantage over President Donald Trump, but gave Trump leads in both battleground states and with

Democrats Concerned With Trump’s Growing Strength

A new report indicates that Democrats are worried about the growing strength of President Trump. According to The Hill: Senate Democrats are privately acknowledging that President Trump will be very tough to beat in November if the economy stays strong and he draws on the substantial advantages of running as an incumbent. Publicly, Democratic lawmakers are putting

Trump Allies Will Descend on Iowa for Caucuses

A new report indicates that many Trump allies will descend on Iowa for the caucuses in order to gain public support and warn Democrats of what is to come. According to The Hill: President Trump’s closest aides and allies will barnstorm Iowa during the state’s presidential caucuses next week in a flex of his reelection

Trump Campaign Slams WAPOs Incredibly Biased Post

The Trump campaign has slammed the Washington Post for posting a tweet that has since been deleted where they completely showed their bias against the President. According to The Hill: President Trump‘s reelection campaign ripped Washington Post congressional reporter Rachael Bade for a since-deleted tweet that included a photo of four Post reporters celebrating “Merry Impeachmas”

Trump Confirms Pence Will be 2020 Running Mate

President Trump has confirmed that Vice President Mike Pence will remain his running mate for the 2o20 election amid speculation to the contrary. According to The Hill: President Trump on Friday sought to dispel rumors that he may make a change in his running mate ahead of the 2020 election, giving a vote of confidence to Vice

Clinton Claims She is Under Pressure to Run for President

Hillary Clinton is claiming that there is enormous pressure on her to run for president again in 2020 leading many to speculate that she will enter the race. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she is under “enormous pressure” from “many, many, many people” to run for president

Trump Campaign Capitalizes on Huge Biden Mistake

Joe Biden rolled out a Latino outreach campaign recently but his campaign failed to buy the domain or Twitter handle for it. No need to worry though because the Trump campaign bought them. According to Town Hall: Prior to rolling out the new outreach initiative, “Todos Con Biden,” his campaign failed to purchase www.todosconbiden.com or even reserve