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WaPo Journalist Says Media Must Stand Against Trump Reelection Bid

The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan used her final column to encourage journalists throughout the mainstream media to use their positions to stop former President Donald Trump from being reelected. According to the Washington Post: Journalists certainly shouldn’t shill for Trump’s 2024 rivals — whoever they may be — but they have to be willing to show

Bloomberg Retracts Story on Fox News Executives, Dominion Lawsuit

Bloomberg News retracted a story that appears to have been entirely fabricated. The agency reported that executives and talent at Fox News failed to turn over documents as part of ongoing litigation against Dominion Voting Systems. According to The Hill: “Bloomberg retracted a story published today saying that some Fox News executives and hosts had failed

Audio Recording Exposes Piers Morgan’s Deceptive Editing of Trump Interview

Morgan posted a video promo for his upcoming interview with former President Donald Trump that claimed to be “the most explosive interview of the year”. But the mainstream media continues to prove that things aren’t always what they seem. Trump’s communications director released audio that appears to refute Morgan’s edited promo which seemingly shows Trump storming

CNN Anchor Decides to Complain About Trump Instead of Covering News

CNN anchor Brian Stelter complained about the strain of covering the Trump White House instead of covering the actual news of the day. According to Fox News: CNN’s in-house media pundit Brian Stelter dedicated his “Reliable Sources” program on Sunday to airing the liberal network’s grievances about how President Trump treated the press over the past “five years.” The often-mocked

Dr. Birx Upset That News Cycle Still Includes Trump’s ‘Disinfectant’ Comments

Dr. Deborah Birx who leads the White House coronavirus task force has stated that it upsets her that the President’s comments about disinfectants still dominate the news cycle. According to The Hill: Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, said Sunday that news coverage of President Trump‘s comments about light, heat and disinfectants as potential treatments

Pence’s Office Denies Claims of Contact With Coronavirus Patient

Responding to weak reporting Vice President Pence’s office has denied claims that he came into contact with a student who was later quarantined for the coronavirus. According to The Hill: Vice President Mike Pence’s office said he did not have contact with a Florida student who was later quarantined for the coronavirus while visiting the student’s school,

Border Patrol Denies Reports of Orders to Detain Iranians

Border Patrol has strongly denied claims that they were ordered to detain Iranians at the border. According to The Hill: Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials released a statement Sunday evening denying reports circulating on social media claiming Iranian Americans were being detained by CBP authorities at a border crossing in Blaine, Wash. “Social media posts that

Liberal Media Spreading Lies About Looming Recession

Many in the liberal media are hoping for a recession in order to reduce Trump’s chances at reelection in 2020. Economists are painting a different picture, however. According to Town Hall: A few caveats to start, regarding causes for concern.  First, trade uncertainty is undoubtedly contributing to market jitters, with companies and job creators looking anxiously