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GOP Lt. Governor is Not Happy With Fauci

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R) slammed Anthony Fauci recently and stated that the state will not take advice from the country’s top infectious disease doctor. According to The Hill: Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) on Tuesday lambasted Anthony Fauci over his assessment of the recent surge in coronavirus cases in the U.S., claiming that his state did

Texas Pauses Reopenings After Fear of COVID-19 Takes Over

The state of Texas has decided to pause reopening as fears rise over a “spike” in COVID-19 cases. According to The Hill: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said Thursday the state will pause its efforts to reopen the economy as the number of confirmed coronavirus infections spikes and hospitals begin to fill. Abbott has been warning of

Moment Between Texas Governor and Trump Goes Viral

A moment shared between President Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott in Davos, Switzerland is taking the internet by storm. According to Town Hall: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott shared a candid moment with President Trump at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in which the commander in chief embraced him and offered a him