Former White House Physician Ronny Jackson Wins House GOP Primary

White House Photographer Pete Souza

Former White House and Trump physician Ronny Jackson has won his House GOP primary in Texas.

According to Fox News:

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson is a step closer to winning a seat in Congress.

The AP projected on Tuesday evening that Jackson was winner of the House GOP primary runoff in Texas’ 13th Congressional District – in the race to succeed Republican Rep. Mac Thornberry – who’s retiring after a 25 years in office.

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2 years ago

Dear POTUS Trump,
What’s the point, at this point?! I’m seriously thinking about voting for #PedoJoe, just so the 2nd AMERICAN Revolution can go completely LIVE!! YOU have one foot in GLOBALISM and one foot in the USA. The FAKE PLANNEDemic and all of this MANDATORY FACE MASK BS, every time I need to BUY FOOD has GOT TO END NOW!!!!!
Now that grocery stores (including Walmart) are making it MANDATORY as of 7/20, now I’ll be REFUSED ENTRY….to BUY FOOD, if I’m not wearing a MASK! So, I’m going to STARVE because I CANNOT WEAR A MASK???????? WHY Bill Gates’ PUPPET, Fraud-Fauci, is NOT in PRISON yet is beyond ALL of us THINKING AMERICANS!!
YOU have ALLOWED this FRAUD to happen AND TO CONTINUE! YOU are going ALONG WITH THE GLOBALIST/ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AGENDA!! There is NO ‘Big, Bad Virus’!!! It’s JUST THE FLU!!!!! You’re NOT listening to the REAL Doctors and the REAL Scientists, WHY???????????? (REAL = NOT BOUGHT & PAID FOR BY EVIL GLOBALISTS!!)
So, WHY should we all vote for you when you are GOING ALONG WITH ALL OF THIS FRAUD???????? We ALL now SEE that you are PRO-ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!! YOU have SHIT all over the Constitution by going along with this FRAUD! I’VE…….HAD…….ENOUGH!!!!! (as have MILLIONS of other AMERICANS!)

2 years ago
Reply to  DawnieR

House Arrest
Mandatory Shut Down of (MOM & POP) businesses (which TRASHED the economy)
Shut Down of Schools
Mandatory Face Masks
ISOLATION (the UN-Scientific ‘social distancing’)
FORCED ‘Testing’ (a BOGUS ‘test’)
Being told that MOST of the country is NON ESSENTIAL
ALL of which are ILLEGAL!!! As defined in OUR CONSTITUTION!

This is NOT The United States of America!! IT’S CHINA…..100% CHINA!

2 years ago
Reply to  DawnieR

It took 50 years to set us up in this mess and vote in a Muslim who the Democrats allowed to do what we err the wanted. Open borders, non-vetted refugees, lottery refugees, selling us out to China and giving money to Iran has. Cutting funds from Military, Law Enforcement,, indoctrinating children, raiding Medicare for Obamacare, increasing taxes, selling our packing plants to China and other foreign countries, sending jobs to China,
Virus, birds flu,pine tree flu, flu, swine flu, citrus bug, led contamination drywall. Virus. Bad medical equipment,
China makes our prescription and over the counter drugs, food,
You expect Trump and staff to get our country back on track in 3 years +.
He has fired so many people who were still working with Obama’s shadow government and they have done every thing they can to destroy Trump and our economy.
Law Enforcement, BP, ICE, HLS are trying targeted. Too many Clinton, Obama judges.
I hope Trunp does an exclusive order on anchors babies. Tired of illegals expecting working class to support them. No more refugees, we have to vett the ones here. We don’t need anymore Omar’s, Minnesota will be Muslim police.
To bad we have to work around Obama,s judges.
The riot people got no jail time but officers are already murderers before an investigation. They were defending themselves or others.
God Bless Our Country
God Bless Trump and staff

2 years ago
Reply to  DawnieR

Why should you vote for Trump?! Because unless you want all your rights taken away, your neighborhood flooded with criminal illegals, paying reparations for their free medical, have high crime and no police, paying for abortions etc, than go ahead and vote for that demented basement dweller! Our President is taking action against tbese dirtbags!

2 years ago
Reply to  Patricia

Yes, you are right and the virus and other bugs and flu were probably intentionally transmitted.
Trump 2020
Great job. Democrats don’t want to be investigated.

2 years ago

Dawnie: Read what you just wrote and think about it. There are a lot of things I don’t approve of as you don’t, but there is only so much Trump can do. Trump is not going along with any of the hype and has been downplaying the Virus since it all started. We want our schools open, he wants our schools open. He’s not making it mandatory to wear masks and he can’t control what States or businesses do. Truthfully, I wear a mask because I’m 78 and if I get Covid I’ll definitely die from it.

As for Trump being with the “pro-one world government, you lose me here. Trump has destroyed that idea worldwide and is now ready to ban “all Chinese” communists from coming into the country. He stepped on Mexico, Canada, the UN, Europe, etc to live up to their obligations or we walk out as he did with the Paris Climate Accord, NAFTA, Iran Nuclear agreement etc.
There are three months to go to the election. If Trump gets too tough now he’ll lose for sure. He needs to buy time, get re-elected and bring the hammer down on all the left wing idiots running around and putting Americans in handcuffs.

2 years ago
Reply to  Howard

AMEN! We have to stand up to those trolls!

2 years ago
Reply to  Howard

Trump’s 1st term is to expose the traitors irrefutably – the second term is what the traittors fear most.
He will win
What is needed for America will happen in the second term

2 years ago

70+ % of the kids rioting were raised in single parent. How about
that for moral deficit, no wonder these consequences are displayed
before our eyes. I’m glad Pres. Trump is taking his time to fix our
nation . We should follow his patience. God bless our nation in spite of our great short comings, looking forward to next election
2020 this November.

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