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Trump Asks SCOTUS to Block Tax Record Request

President Trump has asked the United States Supreme Court to shield his tax records from investigators. According to The Hill: President Trump on Tuesday filed an emergency request to the Supreme Court asking the justices to shield his tax records from a New York grand jury subpoena. The filing from Trump’s personal attorneys marks the second

DOJ Designates 3 Cities as Pemitting ‘Anarchy

The Department of Justice has designated 3 cities for supporting or permitting anarchy. The three cities, which should come as no surprise are Seattle, Portland, and New York City. According to The Hill: The Justice Department announced Monday that New York City, Seattle and Portland, Ore., would be designated as jurisdictions “permitting violence and destruction

Trump Calls for Federal Funding to be Cut From Cities With ‘Lawless’ Protests

President Trump wants the federal government to review whether it can cut funding to cities that continue to let “lawless” protests go on. According to The Hill: President Trump on Wednesday called for federal government agencies to begin reviewing potential funding cuts to cities having what the president deemed “lawless” protests. Trump signed a five-page memo

NY Rep Max Rose Wants National Guard to Enforce NYC Curfew

Democrat Representative Max Rose of New York is urging the use of the National Guard to enforce the curfew in New York City. According to The Hill: Rep. Max Rose, a New York Democrat representing Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, called for the National Guard to be deployed to New York City to enforce the

Trump Will Historically Attend NYC Veterans Day Parade

President Trump will make history by attending the upcoming NYC Veterans Day Parade. According to Fox News: President Trump will make history next week when he and First Lady Melania attend the New York City Veterans Day Parade, marking the first time a sitting president has accepted the invitation to appear. Doug McGowan, chairman of the United Veterans War Council, appeared