Arrest Made in Brooklyn Attack as Bizarre Motive Uncovered

Paul Hudson, CC by 2.0

The recently arrested suspect in the shooting attack on a New York City subway regularly uploaded racist rants to both YouTube and Facebook.

The topics ranged from race relations in the United States, the policies of New York Mayor Eric Adams, and his own often racist and misogynistic thoughts on various ethnicities, according to videos reviewed by the Rolling Stone.

Frank R. James, 62, was arrested only hours ago in Manhattan after being on the run for over 24 hours.


James, who is black, most often ranted against whites, blacks, Jews, and Latinos in videos with titles such as “why we need more racial profiling” and “should the black woman be forcibly sterilized”.

In one video, he calls September 11th, 2001 “the most beautiful day in the history of our country”.

A key insight into his potential motive, a March 2nd video titled “TOLD YOU SO” features a news segment on recent subway attacks which James uses to launch an attack on Mayor Adams’ policies against crime and homelessness.

He gestures to a computer monitor displaying employee photos of New Jersey’s Bridgeway Behavioral Health Services.

“They made me fucking worse. They made me more dangerous than I could ever — than anything, anyone could ever fucking imagine. These are the people that Eric Adams wants to send out to help the homeless and whatever the case may be. It ain’t gonna happen,” he says.

He later mocks the mayor’s newly announced subway safety plan. Most significantly he implies he could commit a crime on the subway and get away easily.

“With this program in place, with all these police — I’d still get off. I know I could get off because they can’t be everywhere… Those who go on to commit crimes, like shooting? That means you have to have police in every station, and that’s not possible.”

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2 years ago

Excuse me, Mr. James……you were saying?????

Gary Von Neida
Gary Von Neida
2 years ago

There was a reason we had mental hospitals; but Liberals though it best to have these sick people live in the streets, go figure how that works.

2 years ago

Can we please bring back the mental institutions we so desperately need?

2 years ago

The poor man may have been right in some of his vehement objections but reaching for a gun and targeting the innocent will solve no problems. It only magnifies the evil and suffering in this world.

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