Trump Administration Focusing on Increasing Organ Donations

The Trump administration is focusing on a plan to increase the number of individuals who are organ donors.

According to The Hill:

The Trump administration on Tuesday announced a proposal to overhaul the organ donation process to encourage more donations and hold organizations that facilitate them accountable.


The Department of Health and Human Services said that 20 people die each day while on the waitlist for a life-saving organ transplant, and that the new rules are intended to reduce that number and save lives.

The announcement is part of a range of health care moves that the Trump administration has been touting in an effort to show that Trump is making progress on health care, an issue Democrats used to great effect in the 2018 elections.

The proposed rules would impose tougher accountability standards on Organ Procurement Organizations, which help facilitate organ donations, including changing evaluations from once every four years to every year, officials said.

The target is to increase the number of organ donations from 32,000 to 37,000 by 2026.

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3 years ago

Let me explain a problem with listing me as a donor or anyone I love , on my license. Years ago our niece was put on life support and then her parents were told she was brain dead. They were approached to ask them to donate her organs. They were going to do that probably and they were told that her organs would be harvested in short order as to not have them have to sit around the waiting room for a long period of time as they would have to keep her on life support until they were harvested. That seemed very kind to them. HOWEVER, they then found that she had already placed herself on the donor list on her license already. As soon as they learned that THEY OWNED HER BODY. We had to all sit around for a few days longer until they could arrange to have the organs harvested. THERE, at this point I will not and always tell anyone I love to never put it on their license even though they would and intended to be a donor. They trust their family to make that cecision and honor that wish if and when the situation arrises BUT they would be in charge and not allow the hospital to make all the decisions.

3 years ago

That sounds like a great idea, as long as the parts don’t come from aborted babies.
Usually they ask when a Driver’s License is applied for, or renewed, or there’s a sticker they can give them, for the back of the license that they will add. Maybe they should start asking again.
Second, the people with great wealth should not always be considered, when there’s a child’s heart is available. Those SHOULD BE RESERVED so another child can receive it.
We the people know the story of how Rockefeller put in a huge bid for a child’s heart, while a ‘real child’ had it stolen from their grasp because the parents could not afford to bid. That was a travesty, and it didn’t extend his life that long. And PLEASE, do not purchase them from China, because we know for a ‘fact’ that the Chinese have been ‘murdering their own citizens’ just to sell the organs.

3 years ago

Well there will probably be more organs available since Trump has decided to insert govt. control between pain patients & their doctors, forcing them to either live their already miserable lives in agony or kill themselves.

3 years ago
Reply to  Cheryl

Cheryl, You sound rather ” bitter “.
Please tell everyone that you are on a donor list. I’ll bet you aren’t.
I was on a donor list, but instead needed a kidney. I received one a little over 7 years ago.
I’m living pretty much a normal life.
Since you brought PRESIDENT TRUMP into the conversation, I’ll assume you’re a
Never Trumper.

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