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White House On The Chinese Spy Balloons And Weekend Activity

During a press briefing at the White House Monday afternoon John Kirby, NSC Strategic Communications Coordinator, gave an update on the Chinese spy balloons and the events that occurred over the weekend. After giving a briefing of what occurred over the weekend, and listing what the President was doing he took questions. Members of the

Ethical Questions as Psaki Negotiates Job with MSNBC

Reporters from other agencies asked questions about the ethics of negotiating a new media job from her position at the podium. According to Daily Caller: Psaki has reportedly coordinated with MSNBC executives about hosting a show on the network and NBCUniversal’s streaming platform, Peacock. She has worked closely with compliance lawyers and White House counsel about

CNN Paints a “Grim Portrait of Biden’s Unhappy America”

Dismal poll numbers aren’t the temporary setback Joe Biden’s administration hoped they’d be. Longtime Democrat voters can’t find a single legislative action they’re proud to own. Even liberal media network CNN is having a tough time finding the optimism in Biden’s presidency. A new CNN poll found that nearly 60% of Americans disapprove of how

Biden Planning PR Tour to Win Back Voter Approval

As his first year in office comes to a close, President Joe Biden continues to find himself on the losing side. Senior administration officials now say Biden is planning a comeback tour that pushes legislation aside for direct communication with voters. They say that while the White House will continue private negotiations with Congress, they

White House Orchestrated Hunter Cover-Up

A new report details how the White House helped orchestrate the cover-up of Hunter Biden’s nefarious art sales. According to Town Hall: Hunter Biden’s new lucrative passion project — artwork created by blowing paint through straws — has raised eyebrows over concerns that buyers’ identities will be kept secret while an art dealer will be the one

Radical Environmentalists are Not Happy With Biden

Joe Biden has a new foe… Radical environmentalists. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The protest, organized by the Indigenous Environmental Network, blocked up portions of Washington, D.C., streets as participants called for Biden to dismantle fossil fuel infrastructure and excoriated him for not delivering on campaign promises. One of the protest’s leaders said insurrection

Bugs Delay White House Press Plane

Cicadas delayed the White House press plane by 7 hours recently. According to The Daily Wire: The White House press corps has been bugged. … The departure of the charter plane ferrying members of the press corps to Europe to cover President Joe Biden’s first foreign trip was delayed for seven hours overnight after cicadas

White House Push to Move Migrant Children Raises Concerns

A new push to move migrant children by the White House is raising concerns among federal officials. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Federal officials are raising concerns about rising pressure from the White House to relocate unaccompanied minors to holding sites that those officials warn could pose a danger to the children—and violate a

Obama Helping Biden run the Country?

A new admission by the White House seems to suggest that Biden is in constant communication with Barack Obama. According to The Daily Wire: President Joe Biden is in “regular” contact with former President Barack Obama to get advice on a wide range of issues, according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Psaki made

President Trump Authorizes Sanctions on Turkey

President Trump has issued sanctions on NATO member Turkey for their purchase of Russian military weapons. The sanctions are something the President has tried to avoid for months. According to Joyce Karam from The National News: BREAKING: US Sanctions #Turkey for Buying Russian S400 System • Sanctions Presidency of defense industries • Ban on all