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Head of Office of Personnel Management Abrubtly Resigns

The leader of the Office of Personnel Management has abruptly resigned. Reports indicate this could have been apart of a larger effort to remove anti-Trump figures from positions of leadership in the bureaucracy. According to The Hill: The head of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) abruptly resigned Tuesday, leaving a void atop a sprawling agency

China Expels Journalists From Three American News Orgs

As the relationship between China and the United States wanes China made another decision to escalate tensions. The country has expelled journalists from three American news organizations as they continue to try and spread propaganda that the virus did not originate in China. According to The Hill: China on Wednesday defended its decision to expel

Pence Warns Virus More Lethan Than Flu

Vice President Mike Pence has announced that the coronavirus is more lethal than the flu and we should all prepare for a lot more people to become infected. According to The Hill: Vice President Pence on Thursday confirmed that the coronavirus is more lethal than the flu and predicted that the United States can expect “thousands

Mark Meadows Will Retire From Congress

One of President Trump’s top defenders in Congres has announced he will be retiring. According to The Hill: Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), a top ally of President Trump, announced Thursday morning that he will retire from Congress at the end of his term. Meadows, a four-term lawmaker who represents part of western North Carolina, said in a statement

Trump Administration Focusing on Increasing Organ Donations

The Trump administration is focusing on a plan to increase the number of individuals who are organ donors. According to The Hill: The Trump administration on Tuesday announced a proposal to overhaul the organ donation process to encourage more donations and hold organizations that facilitate them accountable. The Department of Health and Human Services said that 20

AOC Responds to Trump Criticism by Making False Claim

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to criticism of Congress from President Trump by making a claim that was patently false. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) falsely claimed that her work in Congress fast-tracked the arrival of life-saving HIV drugs to the market, taking credit for a corporate decision made four years

Trump Makes Oil Reserve Authorization Following Saudi Attacks

Following an attack on a Saudi oil refinery, but what is suspected to be Iran, President Trump has authorized the use of the emergency oil reserves if needed. According to The Hill: President Trump on Sunday announced he had authorized the use of the U.S.’s emergency oil reserve in response to a series of drone attacks

Trump Delays Chinese Tariffs

President Trump has announced that he has delayed the imposition of more tariffs on China as a gesture of goodwill. According to The Hill: President Trump said Wednesday that the U.S. will delay an upcoming increase in tariffs on $250 billion worth of goods from China at the request of Beijing, calling it a “gesture of good

Weekly Jobless Numbers Hit 5 Month LOW

President Trump’s economy is continuing to show strong indicators. New numbers show that the weekly jobless numbers hit a 5 month low. According to The Hill: The number of Americans submitting applications for unemployment benefits fell to a five-month low last week, the Labor Department announced Thursday. Initial filings for benefits fell to a seasonally adjusted 204,000 for the week ending on Sept.

Trump Administration Preparing Ban on E-Cigarettes

The Trump administration is preparing a ban on e-cigarettes as more reports surface of deaths possibly related to the vaping industry. According to CNBC: The Trump administration is preparing to ban flavored e-cigarettes as federal health officials call for restrictions to combat an outbreak of a mysterious lung disease that has sickened hundreds and killed