Scarborough: Trump is a Russian Agent or an Idiot

MSNBC host and anti-Trumper Joe Scarborough is now claiming that President Trump is either a Russian agent or just an idiot.

According to The Hill:

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough speculated that President Trump is “either an agent of Russia or he’s a useful idiot,” during a discussion around public impeachment proceeds on “Morning Joe” on Thursday.

The MSNBC host said Trump first “pledged his fealty and loyalty” to Russian President Vladimir Putin in December 2015.


“Donald Trump is either an agent of Russia or he’s a useful idiot. Or he’s somewhere in between, we don’t know what it is,” he said.

“We will one day, but at the very least he’s a useful idiot or perhaps it’s what John Bolton is now saying in public, and that is Donald Trump’s foreign policy is not run by what’s in the best interest of the United States of America, it’s not run to protect the American people, it is run for what’s in the best interest of his bottom line and it’s run to protect his bank accounts,” Scarborough said. “It’s all about the money.”

Scarborough who is a one-time friend of President Trump was unable to provide any evidence of his salacious claim.


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