Ethical Questions as Psaki Negotiates Job with MSNBC

Reporters from other agencies asked questions about the ethics of negotiating a new media job from her position at the podium. According to Daily Caller: Psaki has reportedly coordinated with MSNBC executives about hosting a show on the network and NBCUniversal’s streaming platform, Peacock. She has worked closely with compliance lawyers and White House counsel about

Ron DeSantis’s Office Slams Joy Reid for Spreading Lies

The Florida governor’s office has returned fire on Joy Reid. According to The Daily Wire: Governor Ron DeSantis’ office is fighting back against media allegations that the Florida Republican is making special efforts to recruit unvaccinated policemen from other states and “bring deadly COVID into” the Sunshine State. … “Tonight’s ‘Absolute Worst’ is now actually

MSNBC Host Pushes Chinese Propaganda

MSNBC host Chri Hayes recently decided it would be a good idea to openly push Chinese propaganda. According to The Daily Wire: Chris Hayes, who anchors “All In” during the 8 p.m. Eastern time slot opposite Tucker Carlson, retweeted an image from Xinhua News Agency that presented American constitutional liberties as the gateways to mass violence. Xinhua

MSNBC Proves Its Incredible Border Wall Hypocrisy

MSNBC has continuously denied our downplayed the Trump administration’s success at constructing the southern border wall. A recent segment proves this as The Washington Free Beacon reports: MSNBC personalities have repeatedly said over the years that the Trump administration would never build a southern border wall, but reporter Jacob Soboroff’s segment Thursday showed that hundreds of

Scarborough: Trump is a Russian Agent or an Idiot

MSNBC host and anti-Trumper Joe Scarborough is now claiming that President Trump is either a Russian agent or just an idiot. According to The Hill: MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough speculated that President Trump is “either an agent of Russia or he’s a useful idiot,” during a discussion around public impeachment proceeds on “Morning Joe” on Thursday. … The MSNBC host

Joe Scarborough Slams Nats Fans for Trump Treatment

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough is not a huge fan of President Trump. Scarborough is still scolding Washington Nationals fans who booed and chanted at President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump who were in attendance at the World Series game hours after a Trump authorized raid killed the world’s most wanted terrorist. According to The