Bloomberg Retracts Story on Fox News Executives, Dominion Lawsuit

Clemens v. Vogelsang from Liechtenstein, CC BY 2.0

Bloomberg News retracted a story that appears to have been entirely fabricated. The agency reported that executives and talent at Fox News failed to turn over documents as part of ongoing litigation against Dominion Voting Systems.

According to The Hill:

“Bloomberg retracted a story published today saying that some Fox News executives and hosts had failed to hand over documents in a lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems Inc. Fox News says it met a July 1 deadline to hand over records. Bloomberg regrets the error,” the outlet wrote in a retraction posted on Wednesday. The initial Bloomberg story was published earlier Wednesday morning.


Dominion is suing Fox for $1.6 billion, alleging the cable news giant and its leadership knowingly aired false claims about voter fraud and the voting systems company following the 2020 presidential election.

Fox has moved to have the case dismissed on First Amendment grounds. Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric M. Davis last month denied a motion from Fox Corp. to dismiss the the suit.

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27 days ago

As more and more information gets exposed how dangerous these Dominon voting machines in several states as votes keep getting kicked from one candidate to another, where Forensic analysis on recounts in Arizona primaries, is just one example of many are telling a disturbing tale how easily our rights and freedoms can be stollen from us with these deceptive vote counting machines, can be to over turn the will of the American People..

26 days ago

‘It matters not how the people vote. The one who matters is the guy who counts the votes.’ Joseph Stalin

Tom Young
Tom Young
25 days ago

Bloomberg lied? Let me get a look of surprise on my face. Please be patient. It may take a while.

23 days ago

Why are WE spending millions upon millions of dollars for UNNECESSARY machines to count the votes? I do not trust machines that can access the internet/cloud/whatever to HONESTLY tally some of our most important business. It’s a waste of money and is ripe for fraudulent happenings.

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