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DeSantis Opens Up About Relationship With Trump In New Book

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has described his “good relationship” with former President Donald Trump in his new book, “The Courage to be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival.” The book details his journey to becoming Florida’s governor and outlines his vision for the future of the country. Despite rumors of a potential 2024 presidential run, DeSantis has

Trump CROSSED By Former Ambassador

Don Tapia formerly served as the U.S. ambassador to Jamaica under President Donald Trump from 2019 to 2021. Tapia recently announced that he will support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over former President Donald Trump if they compete for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024 – citing Trump’s name-calling as a turn-off for many people. Don

Gavin Newsom Runs Pro-California Ad… in Florida

California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom bought tens of thousands of dollars worth of ad time on Fox News in Florida, claiming freedom is ‘under attack’ and inviting Floridians to move to his west coast state. The ad will start airing on Monday, Independence Day. In an absolutely bizarre 30-second ad, Newsom chooses to feature an

DeSantis’ Congressional Map Reinstated by Florida Appeals Court

The decision reversed a circuit court judge’s decision as the battle over redistricting continues. According to The Hill, Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeals ruled that the circuit court judge’s temporary injunction against the map had “a high likelihood” of being “unlawful.” Last week, circuit court Judge Layne Smith ruled against the map, saying, “I am

DeSantis Stands Out at CPAC

Though Trump remains top for 2024, CPAC attendees showed a deepening interest in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. One obvious sign of interest came Thursday as curious attendees packed the main conference room for his speech. The crowd rose to applaud several points in his speech. After he finished, the area quickly cleared out as interest

Dems Give up on Trying to Unseat DeSantis

Democrats have given up on the prospect of unseating Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The Democratic Governors Association has decided not to enter the fight. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The Democratic Governors Association will not prioritize efforts to unseat Florida governor Ron DeSantis (R.) in light of the hefty costs of boosting a challenger

Ron DeSantis’s Office Slams Joy Reid for Spreading Lies

The Florida governor’s office has returned fire on Joy Reid. According to The Daily Wire: Governor Ron DeSantis’ office is fighting back against media allegations that the Florida Republican is making special efforts to recruit unvaccinated policemen from other states and “bring deadly COVID into” the Sunshine State. … “Tonight’s ‘Absolute Worst’ is now actually

Florida Dem Admits to Media Bias

A Florida Democrat has admitted, out loud, to the insane bias held by the media against the GOP. According to The Washington Free Beacon: “Ron DeSantis has Fox News, but we have everyone else,” Fried tweeted Wednesday night as the network aired an interview with DeSantis, Florida’s Republican governor. “Florida will be blue in 2022.” It is