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Mitt Romney is Right About Trump?

Mitt Romney is still mad he never became president and that is apparent from a new report from Town Hall. According to Town Hall: Of course, weak sauce Mitt Romney isn’t happy about this aspect of the Trump presidency. His era is done. His time as party leader was short and marked by total defeat.

Romney Says US Texting Record is ‘Nothing to Celebrate…’

Senator Mitt Romney recently spoke out against the Trump administration’s touting that the United States leads the world in testing, According to The Hill: Republican Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah) on Tuesday pushed back on a Trump official’s claim that the U.S. is leading the world in COVID-19 testing, beating countries like South Korea, which is regarded by

President Trump Confirms Romney Intentionally Left off of Task Force

President Trump has confirmed that he intentionally left Senator Mitt Romney off of the bipartisan coronavirus task force. This is likely confirmation that Trump continues to hold a grudge against Romney for his vote to remove President Trump from office. According to The Hill: President Trump on Sunday said he intentionally left Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) off his congressional

Trump Criticizes Pelosi and Romney for Using Religion to Justify Bad Decisions

President Trump used part of his time at the National Prayer Breakfast to criticize the use of religion by Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney during impeachment. According to The Hill: President Trump on Thursday swiped at Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) for invoking religion during the impeachment proceedings while speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast. “Weeks

McConnell and Romney Fighting for Influence Over Trump’s Trial

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is fighting with failed presidential candidate and current Senator Mitt Romney over whether or not to have witnesses in President Trump’s Senate trial. Mitt wants them and McConnell doesn’t and it appears McConnell is winning. According to The Hill: The fight over calling additional witnesses at President Trump‘s impeachment trial has

GOP Senators: Witness Vote Likely Friday

GOP Senators have said that the vote on whether to have witnesses testify in Trump’s Senate trial will likely happen on Friday. According to The Hill: Republican senators on Monday said that they expect a crucial vote on whether to allow witnesses in the impeachment trial to take place on Friday. “We’re going to get to

GOP Senators Frustrated With Romney’s Treatment of Trump

A new report indicates that GOP Senators are becoming increasingly frustrated with Mitt Romney’s rhetoric about President Trump. According to The Hill: Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-Utah) public battles with President Trump are taking a toll on his relationship with fellow GOP senators, with many resenting the implication that they’re afraid of standing up to the president. Romney has