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VIDEO: President Trump Restores American Leadership On World Stage

“All the nations of the world — friend or foe — will find that America is strong, America is proud, and America is free.” President Donald J. Trump MOMENTUM FOR POSITIVE CHANGE WITH NORTH KOREA: President Donald J. Trump has taken a bold first step to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. President Trump held a historic

FACTSHEET: Close Relationship Between the United States and Germany

“The close friendship between America and Germany is built on our shared values. … It is the foundation of a very, very hopeful future.” President Donald J. Trump A CLOSE AND HISTORIC RELATIONSHIP: The relationship between the German people and the United States predates America’s independence and extends to the deep bond the two countries

President Trump’s Support for Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

“We are very protective of the Baltic region… We have great friends there.” President Donald J. Trump BOOSTING DEFENSE AND SECURITY COOPERATION: President Donald J. Trump supports strengthening efforts to enhance the defense and security of our Baltic NATO Allies. The United States plans to provide nearly $100 million for procurement of large-caliber ammunition and

The Trump Plan To Rebuild America

“We will build gleaming new roads, bridges, highways, railways, and waterways all across our land. And we will do it with American heart, and American hands, and American grit.” President Donald J. Trump BUILDING AMERICA’S INFRASTRUCTURE: Today, President Donald J. Trump released his legislative goals to rebuild our Nation’s crumbling infrastructure. The six principles include:

President Trump Has Been a Champion for Religious Freedom

  “Faith breathes life and hope into our world. We must diligently guard, preserve, and cherish this unalienable right.” President Donald J. Trump STANDING UP FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: In his first year in office, President Trump has taken strong action to restore the foundational link between freedom and faith in the United States of America.

Good News for Americans Following Tax Reform

“When we began our push for tax cuts, I promised that our bill would result in more jobs, higher wages, and tremendous relief for middle-class families, and that is exactly what we have delivered.” President Donald J. Trump   GOOD NEWS FOR AMERICAN WORKERS: President Donald J. Trump’s tax cuts are getting more and more