The Trump Plan To Rebuild America

BUILDING AMERICA’S INFRASTRUCTURE: Today, President Donald J. Trump released his legislative goals to rebuild our Nation’s crumbling infrastructure. The six principles include:

  • $200 billion in Federal funds to spur at least $1.5 trillion in infrastructure investments with partners at the State, local, Tribal, and private level.
  • New investments will be made in rural America, which has been left behind for too long.
  • Decision making authority will be returned to State and local governments.
  • Regulatory barriers that needlessly get in the way of infrastructure projects will be removed.
  • Permitting for infrastructure projects will be streamlined and shortened.
  • America’s workforce will be supported and strengthened.

STIMULATE INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT: President Trump’s plan will lead to at least $1.5 trillion in investments to rebuild our failing infrastructure and develop innovative projects.

  • $200 billion in Federal funds will spur at least $1.5 trillion in new infrastructure investments.
    • Federal infrastructure spending will promote State, local, and private investments and maximize the value of every taxpayer dollar.
  • Of the $200 billion, $100 billion will create an Incentives Program to spur additional dedicated funds from States, localities, and the private sector.
    • Applications for the Incentives Program will be evaluated on objective criteria, with creating additional infrastructure investment being the largest factor.
    • The Incentives Program will promote accountability, making Federal funding conditional on projects meeting agreed upon milestones.
  • $20 billion will be dedicated to the Transformative Projects Program.
    • This program will provide Federal aid for bold and innovative projects that have the potential to dramatically improve America’s infrastructure.
    • The program will focus on projects that could have a significant positive impact on States, cities, and localities but may not attract private sector investment because of the project’s unique characteristics.
  • $20 billion will be allocated to expanding infrastructure financing programs.
    • Of the $20 billion, $14 billion will go to expanding a number of existing credit programs: TIFIA, WIFIA, RRIF, and rural utility lending.
    • $6 billion will go to expanding Private Activity Bonds.
  • $10 billion will go to a new Federal Capital Revolving Fund, which will reduce inefficient leasing of Federal real property which would be more cost-effective to purchase.
  • A new fund will allow some incremental revenues from energy development on public lands to pay for the capital and maintenance needs of public lands infrastructure.

INVEST IN RURAL AMERICA: Rural America’s infrastructure has been left behind for too long, and President Trump’s plan will make sure it is supported and modernized.

  • $50 billion of the $200 billion in direct Federal funding will be devoted to a new Rural Infrastructure Program to rebuild and modernize infrastructure in rural America.
    • The bulk of the dollars in the Rural Infrastructure Program will be allocated to State governors, giving States the flexibility to prioritize their communities’ needs.
    • The remaining funds will be distributed through rural performance grants to encourage the best use of taxpayer dollars.

INCREASE STATE AND LOCAL AUTHORITY: President Trump’s proposal will return decision-making authority to State and local governments, which know the needs of their communities. 

  • Funds awarded to State and local authorities, such as through the Incentives Program and the Rural Infrastructure Program, will be allocated to infrastructure projects they prioritize.
    • This empowers States and localities to make more infrastructure investment decisions and prioritize projects based on the needs of their communities
  • The plan will expand processes that allow environmental review and permitting decisions to be delegated to States.
  • The plan will also allow Federal agencies to divest assets that can be better managed by State or local governments or the private sector.

ELIMINATE REGULATORY BARRIERS: The President’s plan would eliminate barriers that prevent virtually all infrastructure projects from being efficiently developed and managed.

  • The President’s plan will:
    • Provide more flexibility to transportation projects that have minimal Federal funding but are currently required to seek Federal review and approval.
    • Incentivize the efficient development and management of water infrastructure, in part, by providing more flexibility to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and its partners.
    • Give the Department of Veterans Affairs the flexibility to use its existing assets to acquire new facilities by allowing it to retain property sale proceeds and exchange existing facilities for construction of new facilities.
    • Expand funding eligibility for land revitalization projects through the Superfund program and establish tools to help manage their legal and financial matters.

STREAMLINE PERMITTING: President Trump’s infrastructure proposal will shorten and simplify the approval process for infrastructure projects.

  • Working with Congress, we will:
    • Establish a “one agency, one decision” structure for environmental reviews.
    • Shorten the lengthy environmental review process to two years while still protecting the environment.
    • Eliminate certain redundant and inefficient provisions in environmental laws.
    • Create two new pilot programs to test new ways to improve the environmental review process.

INVEST IN OUR COUNTRY’S MOST IMPORTANT ASSET – ITS PEOPLE: The President is proposing reforms so Americans secure good-paying jobs and meet the needs of our industries. 

  • The President’s plan would reform Federal education and workforce development programs to better prepare Americans to perform the in-demand jobs of today and the future.  This includes:
    • Making high-quality, short-term programs that provide students with a certification or credential in an in-demand field eligible for Pell Grants.
    • Reforming the Perkins Career and Technical Education Program to ensure more students have access to high-quality technical education to develop the skills required in today’s economy.
    • Better targeting Federal Work-Study funds to help more students obtain important workplace experience, including through apprenticeships.

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John Allen
John Allen
5 years ago

I think President Trump could be the greatest president ever.I don’t see how anyone would want to be a democrat and actually believe in there anti-American ways.I love the people as Americans but by trying to stop everything President Trump is doing we will never see America great again.

jim Phillips
jim Phillips
5 years ago
Reply to  John Allen

john Allen. Looking for the john Allem, Ref: USAF, POWER PRODUCTION ,TITAN J.P.

5 years ago

Bravo President Trump!! It’s about time a “business man” take care of the “business” of our country. Under budget and ahead of schedule that’s America’s new motto. Thank you for your sacrifice to help our country and ALL Americans.

5 years ago

Lets just pray that enough Democrats have seen the light and will vote to back up the presidents ambitious plan to save America from the Globalist horde. Should he lose office all the good will disappear and the globalist will have won. This will be a battle for the heart and sole of America.

Mary Stockman
Mary Stockman
5 years ago

I support MY PRESIDENT TRUMP and VP PENCE 100%! Those who ATTACK my President or VP or their families are TRAITORS who deserve DEATH! No DACA! MAGA! THANK GOD for TRUMP and PENCE! MAGA!

John A. Mangum
John A. Mangum
5 years ago

It is important that the monies that are transferred to the State coffers be identified as the source-funding of the State-Directed Projects. No State Representatives should be able to take the credit for projects funded by the Federal Infrastructure Project. Any State-funded/Federal Funded Projects should be identified by the percentages each entity contributed. That way, the credit for any improvement… and the responsibility of managing those funds…. can be accurately assessed by the public.

5 years ago

When is the PRESIDENT going to fire & jail the criminals in the WHITE HOUSE & those that is trying to IMPEACH him???? That is the only way we going to get anything done in the WHITE HOUSE.

5 years ago

One of the biggest obstacles to the success of this Trump plan is our established cronies in the state government and in Washington, entrenched Congress members who are too accustomed to corruption and misuse of tax dollars. Americans must consider replacing the old politicians with a new breed of a government administration. It’s time to clean out the garage and the attic and replace with real intelligent Public Servants. I know God would approve and in the end that’s what is really important.

Dorothy Fisher
Dorothy Fisher
5 years ago

I fully support President Trump,s agenda, He has done so much to save America, I am thankful that he has been appointed by God to be our president, God raises up leaders and takes down leaders according to the Bible. I am diligently praying that our State of California will be saved from the corruption of our leaders, they are definately led by demonic influence. It is truly sad because California is a beautiful state but is being destroyed by these evil people that want to chase out the people that will challenge what they are doing in order to develop servants of the illegals and they can Lord over them.

5 years ago

Congtats, Mr President: That wall , the idea of it, sounds better all the time. When it’s done, I’d like to have a picnic somewhere along it just to celebrate and to reflect on just how far we are coming in making America great again and also in making America AMERICA again. We don’t want illegals that sop up so much of our money, energy, and devotion to our country continuing to think that they are entitled to a free ride at our expense.
No more chain migration, lottery visa, or visa overstays. ICE is ready, willing, and able for action, and they have our support.
And let’s crush the seditious politicians who are sponsoring sanctuary cities. They are unworthy of American citizenship.

5 years ago

I applaud all programs listed and the efforts of this administration. President Trump has accomplished more than any other President in modern history and I personally thank him for his own and his family’s sacrifices. I only caution that because “GREED” corrupts, that we “MUST” have checks and balances for all of these new programs, otherwise waste, fraud and corruption will run rampant and replace all the good these programs will be doing. We must support more of judicial watch’s efforts and others who watch bad business ethics and bad actors who are out to line their own pockets or destroy this agenda at any cost, not to mention countries that “also” do not want these programs to succeed I only ask that folks remember and act as there are still thousands of people and some countries who are out to continue to sow discord in anything Trump and that means belittling or attempting to destroy their own countries successes if needs be. Also must remember Soros, he is behind making sure the USA “DOES NOT” become financially stable again, so we have his billion dollar liberal, progressive and socialist support monies and antics to deal with also in our country, (or until he is removed as a foreign national should be or be held for high crimes and treason as a not to recent citizen should be). It is time to send these bad actors packing and back under the rock from whence they came, but they are sneaky and only vigilance and the rule of law can prevail over them. PERIOD!

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