Reporter Calls Out Biden Administration Lie

A reporter for the Associated Press went against modern journalistic standards by questioning a Democrat.

According to Town Hall:

“Put him in a body bag.”


Did that really happen at a Biden State Department press conference? Did the media push back on an attempt by this administration to take credit for a Trump-era policy? Yes, it happened. And the spokesperson was not too pleased for being called out for this attempted gaslighting of Trump’s Russia policy. The Associated Press’s Matt Lee was not going to allow Biden State Department spokesperson Ned Price to take credit for it, as it was clearly outlined and executed under the Trump administration. Lee is aggressive noting that this is a bit disingenuous, as the Biden administration has been in power for roughly a month. In that period, all of these companies just didn’t change their tune.

The question dealt with the Nord Stream II pipeline, which reportedly has our European allies worried since they think Biden will be too weak-kneed to handle Putin. Now that’s some irony (via Axios)…

Price said some 18 companies are starting to scale down their involvement with this project, which cued up the fireworks (via State Dept.):

It looks like Trump’s foreign policy wasn’t as bad as the media made it out to be.

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Dale Brown
3 hours ago

Now that is bi-partison work. Trump initiates and Mr. Biden takes credit. Same with vaccine. I now am starting to understand their meaning of working together. Those not in the know will believe it. However, creditability matters. Praying for all.

Major Havoc
Major Havoc
3 hours ago

That old senile retard will try and take credit for everything Trump did because he has no brains and can’t do anything on his own

55 minutes ago
Reply to  Major Havoc

Well Biden can take credit for the open borders.

56 minutes ago

When they get caught they smile a lot and talk over people.

4 minutes ago

Major Havoc Joe can almost walk a dog without hurting himself.

Doesn’t that deserve a snowflake certification of Achievement?

To sad to LOL!

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