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FBI Director Calls Allegations About Hunter Biden Coverup ‘Troubling’

FBI Director Christopher Wray said accusations against an FBI agent alleging a partisan effort to suppress information in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business activities are “deeply troubling.” Wray was speaking at a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing when he condemned the reported actions of Timothy Thibault. Thibault, it was noted, was recently put on leave after

Biden Tests Positive for Rebound COVID

Much like Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden has tested positive with “rebound” COVID after being treated with Paxlovid. Though the President currently feels “fine”, his symptoms could come back much worse as they did in Fauci’s case. White House physician Dr. Kevin C. O’Connor said in a meme released by the White House that

The Biden Administration Attempts a Resurrection of its Disinformation Board

After a disastrous month of press coverage, the Biden administration abandoned its original plans to regulate speech online. Now, it’s quietly bringing them back in an equally Orwellian manner. In mid-June, the administration issued a memo establishing a new task force to address online harassment and abuse. It represents a partnership with the Department of Homeland Security

Biden Attempts Meeting with Saudis After Promising Their ‘Isolation’

The White House is laying the basis for a high-profile meeting between President Joe Biden and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, reversing campaign promises to “isolate” the Gulf nation amid soaring gas prices. They’ll face an uphill battle after Biden’s rhetoric both on the campaign trial and since being elected caused the relationship between

Biden Says Republicans ‘Verbally Abused’ Supreme Court Nominee

President Joe Biden ignored Democrats’ previous mistreatment of Justice Kavanaugh when he made the comments at the White House on Friday. According to The Hill: Biden acknowledged that he anticipated the confirmation process would be “painful” for his nominee but said that the GOP questioning of Jackson during her hearings last month exceeded his expectations. “I

56% of Voters Oppose Revoking Title 42

A new poll from Morning Consult/Politico shows that a full 56% of voters would prefer to keep the Trump-era border policy in place. According to the Daily Caller: The Biden administration announced Friday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be ending Title 42, a pandemic health measure put in place during the

Biden Calls for Regime Change in Russia

In a speech at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland on Saturday, Biden dramatically altered his rhetoric on Russia. President Joe Biden declared in his speech that Russia President Vladimir Putin should no longer lead his country. “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” Biden announced at the end of his address. His

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: The Last 24 Hours

There has been significant movement on multiple fronts in regard to the impending war in Ukraine in the last 24 hours. 1600 Daily has condensed and contextualized the events for readers below. Russia Legitimizes Separatist Territories:  Hours after signing decrees recognizing the independence of two separatist-held territories in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian