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Biden Makes Customs and Border Protection Nominee

Joe Biden has officially nominated Tuscon, Arizona police chief Chris Mangus to be the next Customs and Border Protection Chief. According to Fox News: President Biden will tap Tucson, Arizona, police chief Chris Magnus as nominee to head U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Monday, when he is slated to announce nominations for several top immigration and Department of Homeland Security roles,

Restaurant Owner Blames Biden’s Stimulus for Hiring Woes

A Chicago restaurant owner is having trouble finding people to work for him. The cause, according to him, is Biden’s stimulus. According to Town Hall: A promising March jobs report showed that many of the 916,000 hired in the month were in the leisure and hospitality sector, thanks to the pace of Covid-19 vaccinations and many states

Pentagon Going ‘Green?’

Joe Biden’s new infrastructure plan will spend billions on the Pentagon. However, this will not be for national security purposes, but to make it greener. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Ray Mabus, a former Navy secretary and climate change advocate, said the Department of Defense could lead the way on environmental policies for years

White House Push to Move Migrant Children Raises Concerns

A new push to move migrant children by the White House is raising concerns among federal officials. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Federal officials are raising concerns about rising pressure from the White House to relocate unaccompanied minors to holding sites that those officials warn could pose a danger to the children—and violate a

Trump Says Biden Should do This at the Border

President Trump recently emerged to criticize Joe Biden’s handling of the border crisis but the former president also offers some advice. According to Town Hall: Trump made his comments during his interview on “The Truth with Lisa Boothe” with iHeart Radio and Gingrich 360. He laid out what President Biden needs to do in order to resecure

Trump has Seen Enough of Biden’s Border Policies

President Trump has come out swinging against President Biden’s atrocious border policies. According to Town Hall: In a statement criticizing the Biden administration’s disastrous border policies, former President Trump said the United States is “being destroyed,” but argued the president can turn the ship around by reinstating his administration’s policies. “We proudly handed the Biden

Biden Changes Message to Migrants

Joe Biden is now changing his tune and telling migrants flocking to the southern border not to come. It only took a crisis for him to do so. According to Town Hall: President Joe Biden is finally acknowledging the crisis at the border. During an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, which is set to

AZ Sheriff: Biden’s Border Crisis Worse Than Obama’s

A sheriff in Arizona is claiming that the current border crisis caused by Joe Biden and his Administration is worse than the border crisis during the Obama years. According to Fox News: An Arizona sheriff said Wednesday that the current border crisis is worse than the Obama years, as the Department of Homeland Security indicates that the migrant surge at the U.S.-Mexico border

Small Business Owner Praises Trump During Biden Visit

A small business owner during a visit to the Biden White House praised former President Trump during the visit. According to The Washington Free Beacon: At an event designed to showcase President Joe Biden’s small business agenda, a store owner credited the Republican-backed Paycheck Protection Program passed during the Trump administration for helping save his

Dems Labor Bill Hurts Female Entrepreneurs?

Female entrepreneurs are not happy with the Democrats’ labor bill and they are voicing their concerns loudly. According to The Washington Free Beacon: A female independent contractor and a female small business owner criticized congressional Democrats for supporting a radical labor reform they said would harm female business owners across the nation. The pair ripped