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Biden Gives Big Win to Terrorists

Joe Biden has canceled a Trump-era DHS proposal that would have targeted terrorists. According to The Daily Wire: This month, the Biden administration withdrew a Trump administration Department of Homeland Security regulation that was designed to protect Americans from violent Islamic terrorists or Chinese spies who use their student visas to stay in the United States. On

Biden Marks 6 Months by Getting Destroyed Online

Biden tried to celebrate his first 6 months in office, but the internet wouldn’t let him. According to Fox News: “In six months, this Administration has fueled record-breaking job growth, vaccinated over 160 million people – and captured a lot of photos along the way,” the White House said Tuesday in a post that has garnered

Biden Transfers Gitmo Detainee

Joe Biden has transferred the first Guantanamo detainee of his presidency. According to NBC News: The Department of Defense announced the transfer of Abdul Latif Nasir to his native Morocco in a statement early Monday. In 2016, under then-President Barack Obama, a review board determined that Nasir’s detention was no longer necessary to protect against

New Polls are Bad for the Democrats and Biden

New polls show that citizens want Andrew Cuomo gone, they aren’t happy with Joe Biden, and they love the police. According to Town Hall: Four polling nuggets on a pre-holiday weekend Friday: First, in New York, where shameless Gov. Andrew Cuomo is trying to plow forward and overcome his multiple scandals, holding a high dollar re-election

Biden Forgets This Demographic in His Judicial Slate

Missing from Biden’s judicial slate are white males. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Over six months in office and four waves of judicial nominees, President Joe Biden has yet to name a white male to the federal courts. Biden has named 24 nominees for the federal bench in the opening six months of his

Alarms Sound Over Hunter Biden’s Art Sales

Hunter Biden is back in the news again for compromising America’s national security, this time for the sale of art. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Foreign nationals could be allowed to bid on Hunter Biden’s artwork, which is poised to hit the market in the fall for up to $500,000, raising alarms with ethics

GOP Defense Hawks Claim Biden’s Defense Budget Gives China Upper Hand

China is going to get the upper hand if Joe Biden has his way Republican defense hawks claim. According to The Washington Free Beacon: President Joe Biden’s $6 trillion budget proposal puts money toward universal pre-K and cracking down on the fossil fuel industry but shrinks the Navy’s budget for weapons procurement and building warships,

Fauci Did Not Have Time to Read Expert’s Email About Chinese Disinformation

New emails released show that when an expert tried to warn Anthony Fauci about Chinese disinformation  Fauci was disinterested. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Dr. Anthony Fauci, the federal bureaucrat who helped bungle the Trump administration’s COVID-19 response, appeared to dismiss an expert’s detailed warning about Chinese disinformation in the early days of the

Biden Admin Embraces Qualified Immunity

The Biden administration has appeared to embrace the one defense that could propel criminal justice reform if eliminated. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Democrats behind a major criminal justice reform bill named for George Floyd want to put limits on qualified immunity, a defense available to law enforcement that is very difficult for plaintiffs

Biden Appointee Smacked by Labor Board

A Biden appointee has been smacked down by the National Labor Review Board. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The top federal labor arbiter smacked down a controversial Biden appointee’s move to dismiss a worker’s complaint against union leaders. National Labor Relations Board acting general counsel Peter Ohr attempted to withdraw the agency’s support for a Texas nurse who accused