U.S. Pushing Resolution to Extend Arms Embargo on Iran

White House Photographer Pete Souza

The United States is putting its influence behind a resolution that will extend the arms embargo on Iran.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

The United States on Tuesday introduced a new draft resolution to indefinitely extend a U.N. arms embargo on Iran that is tailored to entice European allies to back the effort, according to senior Trump administration officials.


The new resolution is aimed at streamlining the language of the embargo and removing additions that had drawn opposition from European nations, as well as Russia and China—which have the power to unilaterally veto the draft at the United Nations Security Council. The new resolution is just four paragraphs long and no longer mandates spot inspections of Iranian imports or implements new sanctions on the country.

The Trump administration has been working for months to ensure the arms embargo is extended beyond its mid-October expiration date. If the United States fails to pass the extension language at the U.N. it could invoke what is known as snapback, or a full reimposition of all economic sanctions on Iran that were lifted as part of the nuclear deal signed during the Obama administration.

The Trump administration maintains that if the embargo is permitted to expire, adversarial regimes such as Russia and China will be free to sell Iran arms, munitions, and other advanced military equipment.

The opposition from nations to the resolution stems from Trump’s decision to end the nuclear treaty with Iran, according to reports.

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Joe Salazar
Joe Salazar
3 years ago

Please take care of this ongoing issue with the iranian regime. Those outdated minds of the leaders of iran are stuck back in time and have a different way of progressing into current times. Mr. President “PLEASE” wipe them out as you did with whatever his terrorist name WAS ! They are no good to world peace. If you wipe out the 90 year old terrorists , just maybe the younger generation might want to get a taste of FREEDOM. Maybe. Regardless make history of them, many will thank you. Go Trump 2020……..

Its me mom
Its me mom
3 years ago

Israel will ♫ bomb, bomb…bomb, bomb Iran..♫ before the Chinese and Russia can send their equip

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