New DHS Secretary Promises to Target Smuggling Orgs

The new Secretary of Homeland Security is Chad Wolf and he has promised to make bringing down smuggling organizations is one of his top priorities.

According to The Washington Examiner:

The newest official to head the Department of Homeland Security plans to shift focus to siphoning off cash flow to the gangs and large criminal organizations behind cross-border smuggling efforts.


Chad Wolf, the fifth person to lead the DHS in the Trump administration, said in a Fox News interview he is stepping up the 240,000-person department’s efforts to go after these transnational criminal organizations, including the underground networks that charge migrants thousands of dollars each to be trafficked to the United States.

“So when we talk about TCOs, it’s not only them facilitating the flow of migrants to the border, it’s also drugs, weapons, and a lot of the violence,” Wolf said. “So targeting TCOs in a real way … is something that I will certainly push and work on from a DHS perspective, but we’ll also be working in the larger interagency to really start targeting these groups, because once you start eliminating their ability to bring migrants and the like, then I think you’ll start seeing a different dynamic.”

Wolf, fresh off his first border trip last week, said the U.S. would target the massive organizations in Central America and Mexico by cutting off the billions in profit from making it to them, but he did not explain how DHS will use its agencies to stymie funding to the organizations.

Wolf did not disparage his predecessor McAleenan but did promise to do more to solve the issue.


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