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Fmr Top Trump Adviser: Biden Erasing America?

A former top immigration adviser has stated that the Biden immigration plan would erase the American ideal. According to The Daily Wire: A top former Trump White House adviser on immigration told Fox News in an interview on Sunday that President Joe Biden’s immigration agenda would “fundamentally erase the very essence of America’s nationhood.” “The

Biden Ends 65 Pending Trump Orders

Joe Biden has put an end to 65 executive orders that were pending from the Trump administration. According to The Washington Free Beacon: President Joe Biden has pulled 65 pending Trump administration executive orders, many of which deal with key national security and immigration matters. Several of the withdrawals strike down orders that would protect American

Biden Releases Plan That Wouldn’t Deport These Criminals

Joe Biden has a plan and if it is approved by the DHS Secretary certain illegal criminals will be given a free pass from deportation. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Illegal immigrants convicted of simple assault, driving under the influence, and “less serious” drug crimes will not be deported under new Biden administration Immigration

Trump Asks SCOTUS to Keep Illegals Out of Redistricting

President Trump is asking the Supreme Court to issue a ruling that would keep illegal immigrant populations from being used in redistricting. If the court rules in his favor it could have major implications on the Democrat House majority. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The Trump administration will press its bid to exclude illegal

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Key Trump Immigration Cases

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear two key immigration cases involving President Trump’s policies. One involved the asylum policy of “remain in Mexico” and the other involved funding for the border wall. According to Fox News: One case involves the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” asylum policy, and the other deals with funding for

Trump Admin to Tackle New Immigration Reforms

The Trump administration is working to impose new reforms on immigration. According to The Hill: The Trump administration is set to publish additional immigration reforms on Tuesday aimed at making it more difficult for skilled foreign workers to acquire visas. The changes are the latest effort by the Trump administration in recent months to crack

Trump Proposes Capping Refugee Admissions at Historic Low

President Trump has proposed reducing refugee admissions for 2021 by 3,000 which would move the total to 15,000, a historic low. According to The Hill: President Trump is proposing that only 15,000 refugees be allowed to resettle in the U.S. in the next fiscal year, marking an historic low of admission for some of the world’s

Trump’s New Executive Order Looks to Address US Agencies Use of Foreign Workers

President Trump signed an executive order on Monday that looks to limit the number of foreign workers used by United States agencies. According to The Hill: President Trump on Monday signed an executive order aimed at blocking U.S. agencies from outsourcing jobs to foreign workers, a move partly sparked by outrage among some conservatives over outsourcing plans from

Harvard and MIT File Suit Against the Trump Administration Over Visas

The Trump administration is being sued by top institutions Harvard and MIT over the administration’s decision to strip students of their visas if the institutions move entirely to online classes. According to The Hill: Harvard and MIT filed a lawsuit on Wednesday that seeks to prevent the Trump administration from stripping foreign students of visas