Trump Will Accept Nomination for President in North Carolina

President Trump has announced that he will accept the Republican nomination for President in North Carolina.

A move that comes after he moved the convention from Charlotte, North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida.

The President recently announced he would not hold the convention in Jacksonville.


According to The Hill:

President Trump plans to accept the Republican presidential nomination in North Carolina next month after all, he told a local news outlet on Monday.

“I’ll be in North Carolina and that’s a very big deal because we have a lot of the delegates there and that will be a nomination process, and that’s essentially where the nomination, where it’s formalized,” Trump told Raleigh-based WRAL News in an interview after being asked where he planned to deliver his acceptance speech.

“I’m really honored to do it in North Carolina. We won the state,” the president continued, referring to his 2016 victory. “We’ve had really great relationships with the state and so I’m very happy to be back.”

The announcement amounts to a reversal for the president, who had moved his acceptance speech and other convention events from North Carolina to Florida after North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) insisted on the GOP holding a scaled-down convention because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump’s cancellation of Jacksonville and the announcement of the acceptance being in North Carolina follows a surge of coronavirus cases in Florida.

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