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Gavin Newsom Runs Pro-California Ad… in Florida

California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom bought tens of thousands of dollars worth of ad time on Fox News in Florida, claiming freedom is ‘under attack’ and inviting Floridians to move to his west coast state. The ad will start airing on Monday, Independence Day. In an absolutely bizarre 30-second ad, Newsom chooses to feature an

DeSantis’ Congressional Map Reinstated by Florida Appeals Court

The decision reversed a circuit court judge’s decision as the battle over redistricting continues. According to The Hill, Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeals ruled that the circuit court judge’s temporary injunction against the map had “a high likelihood” of being “unlawful.” Last week, circuit court Judge Layne Smith ruled against the map, saying, “I am

Florida Sheriff Clears Up Homeowner Rights Question

After authorities arrested a suspect in a series of break-ins on the same night, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson made quite the statement during a press conference. Police responded to a call around 4:30am saying a suspicious person was jumping fences and breaking into homes. Shortly after, another call came in that shots had

Florida Senate Passes Congressional Map

Florida Republicans will adopt one of the most aggressive congressional maps. The new map adds four districts for the GOP while eliminating three held by Democrats. That would create twenty seats that favor Republicans and eight that lean toward Democrats. The Florida House is expected to pass the map tomorrow then send it to DeSantis

5 Middle School Children Charged in Hate Crime

As critical race theory comes under intense scrutiny across the country, four white children were attacked in Florida based on their race. Coconut Creek police said the four white children, between ages 11 and 12 years old, were assaulted Wednesday by another group of middle school children using racial taunts and slurs. The victims were

Dems Give up on Trying to Unseat DeSantis

Democrats have given up on the prospect of unseating Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The Democratic Governors Association has decided not to enter the fight. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The Democratic Governors Association will not prioritize efforts to unseat Florida governor Ron DeSantis (R.) in light of the hefty costs of boosting a challenger

Ron DeSantis’s Office Slams Joy Reid for Spreading Lies

The Florida governor’s office has returned fire on Joy Reid. According to The Daily Wire: Governor Ron DeSantis’ office is fighting back against media allegations that the Florida Republican is making special efforts to recruit unvaccinated policemen from other states and “bring deadly COVID into” the Sunshine State. … “Tonight’s ‘Absolute Worst’ is now actually

Florida Dem Admits to Media Bias

A Florida Democrat has admitted, out loud, to the insane bias held by the media against the GOP. According to The Washington Free Beacon: “Ron DeSantis has Fox News, but we have everyone else,” Fried tweeted Wednesday night as the network aired an interview with DeSantis, Florida’s Republican governor. “Florida will be blue in 2022.” It is

Key Voting Block Shifting to the GOP

Hispanic voters are looking to the GOP to make their futures brighter and that could mean big wins in the future for the GOP. According to Town Hall: While prevailing wisdom has pointed towards demographic changes in the United States favoring Democrats, according to GOP pollster Curt Anderson, that’s not what polling is showing. In

Trump Will Accept Nomination for President in North Carolina

President Trump has announced that he will accept the Republican nomination for President in North Carolina. A move that comes after he moved the convention from Charlotte, North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida. The President recently announced he would not hold the convention in Jacksonville. According to The Hill: President Trump plans to accept the Republican presidential