USMCA Trade Deal Takes Effect

On Wednesday the historic USMCA trade deal between the United States, Mexico, and Canada takes effect. The deal is a cornerstone of President Trump’s first term in office.

According to Town Hall:

The United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) goes into effect on Wednesday, marking a win for the Trump administration. The deal replaces the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). President Trump called NAFTA a “disastrous trade deal,” after building a substantial portion of his presidential campaign around replacing it. Previous presidents talked about replacing the decades-old deal, but President Trump is the first to sign a substantive replacement into law.

The USMCA will incentivize production at home by implementing regulations surrounding digital trade, altering rules for trade across borders without tariffs and restructuring labor enforcement systems. In particular, USMCA will bolster job growth in the agriculture sector and auto industry.


In a rare moment of bipartisan governance, USMCA was sent to President Trump’s desk by overwhelming majorities of both Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said that USMCA will add 100,000 jobs to the American economy.

This success will be something the Trump campaign continues to tout as the battle between Trump and Biden heats up.

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Robin Rosenblatt
2 years ago

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2 years ago

Hiding in the basement Racist Commie Joe Biden (with diminished capacity) needs serious psychological and medical care! The Commie Demoncrats party of Satan, should be charge with elderly abuse on the senile and Dementia inflicted Biden ! He should retire and smell people’s hairs in privacy! Nobody will be the wiser, or for that matter care! Do us a favor, and give up the quest to become president you are not fit to do so! You’ll only be a useful idiot and puppet for the demoncratic liberal commie godless party of Satan!! If the NAZI Commie Demoncrats win, the United States will turn into one big Commie third world shit hole! Guaranteed! Trump 2020 and beyond! Greatest President Ever!

Duke Mann
2 years ago

I certainly agree with Nr’s comments about Biden and the Democrats. Very good and true.

2 years ago

NAFTA was a joke and the rich of mexico just got richer and our side of the infamous deal was to get screwed as Clinton and his hag intended. Jobs and manufacturing went south and the rest soon followed. Turned the nation in the middle of the country into a cow town and little else. Now a real negotiator has done this right.

Why does anyone think a politician or a political family understands business? Most have no clue what a Budget is let alone managing a nation or international budget. Trump as done all types of business both national and international with a budget to make money. Now that is being applied to the USA despite the resistance of the DNC and establishment. He is cleaning out all of it as promised and the resistance is fighting for its life. Vote for Trump and vote out every dim wit and rino running for election of reelection!

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