Trump’s ‘Truth’ Social Media App Launches, Met by ‘Massive Demand’

On Monday, former President Donald Trump made his return to social media with the launch of “Truth Social.” His new app immediately became overwhelmed by the number of users trying to create accounts, causing many to report receiving error messages.

Newsmax reports:

One attempt to create a Truth Social account Monday morning — after downloading the app and verifying the user’s email address — resulted in the phone number repeatedly receiving an error message.


Other users reported seeing error messages after entering a birthdate or e-mail address to create an account, CNET reported.

Other users reported being placed on a waitlist after signing up.

“Due to massive demand, we have placed you on our waitlist,” the message read, CNET reported.

Last week, the former president teased at his return to social media.

“Get ready! Your favorite president will see you soon,” Trump wrote in a Truth Social message that was shared by son Donald Trump Jr.

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edward champigny
edward champigny
1 year ago

America is a place where all families and all different races and color can live in harmony. Soros, Obama and Hillary are
trying to stop us from mixing. When the family is broke up by other people sticking their nose into our American
family. They are separating us one at a time. They are telling us how we are suppose to feel and what we are
suppose to think. THEY ARE SEGREGATING US; didn’t Democrats do this before?? We are fighting each other 
making us their puppets. Now they can watch us kill each other over things the government can’t change, or won’t. 
Our history is the power of who we are. We are giving permission to the pediphiles to own and destroy our children’s future. 
How screwed up is a parent who gives up their child to the pedophiles. I was abused by a GAY PEDOPHILE MOLESTER 
who wanted a slave. He had me for 4 to 5 years. He killed my childhood. I lived two lives and I was full of HATE. 
I lost my ability to read and write. I would leave my body when the pain came. That was my life….

Wake up America, your kids don’t belong to you anymore. The GPM’s will be coming to your home to take your child.
Your kids are told to squeal on you if you say something negative towards the party. They then take you to a camp to
never be seen again. Do you realize that we have governors who killed hundreds of people and got away with it: are
we stupid or what??

Nine Island Girl
Nine Island Girl
1 year ago

Good for President Trump.
Hope he gets millions and millions of followers.

Gary Von Neida
Gary Von Neida
1 year ago

GOD. blessed America with a real President; but China provided the voting machine software —-and installed their “puppet” Biden, a very compromised family due to the Millions of Dollars from various Communists—Russia and China–

Maralyn Dyck
Maralyn Dyck
1 year ago

Great! Wish you could rescue Canada! I live in Alberta…Always love to hear from and about you even if it is illegal to significantly support anyone in the USA.

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