Murkowski Announces She Will Vote to Acquit President Trump

Senator Lisa Murkowski, who is a swing vote in the Senate, has announced that she will vote to acquit President Trump.

Murkowski did use the opportunity to scold the President’s actions.

According to The Hill:


Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said on Monday that she will vote to acquit President Trump on the two House-passed articles of impeachment.

Murkowski is the first of a small group of potential swing-vote senators to announce her decision ahead of Wednesday’s expected final vote.

“I cannot vote to convict. The Constitution provides for impeachment but does not demand it in all instances,” Murkowski said from the Senate floor, adding that removing Trump from office would be “the political death penalty.”

Asked by reporters off the Senate floor if she had any advice for Trump, she quipped as the elevator doors closed, “Read the transcript.”

Murkowski went as far as to call President Trump’s actions “shameful and wrong.”

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Conrad Holt
Conrad Holt
4 years ago

Mr. President:
There are things that you may want to keep secret, especially if you dealing with a leader of a foreign country. In that instance you would want to have your conversations in PRIVATE and not over a phone call with a group of people listening and transcribing or recording the call. I am not a lawyer but when you called the July 25th phone call to “Z” perfect, that put it under a microscope. You may have just said “Hey Pencilneck come and look at this. Isn’t this great?”

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