AG Barr Warns of Action Against Governors who Persist With Strict Lockdowns

US Department of Justice

Attorney General Barr has warned that the DOJ could take legal action against governors who unnecessarily persist with their strick lockdown orders.

According to The Daily Caller:

Attorney General Bill Barr said his Justice Department may pursue legal action against governors who maintain strict lockdown rules after their coronavirus outbreaks subside, Bloomberg News reported Tuesday.


Barr has been vocal about some lockdown measures infringing on Americans’ constitutional rights, including bans on attending church and purchasing firearms. President Donald Trump’s administration issued new guidelines last week for states to begin lifting their lockdown measures once they meet certain coronavirus milestones.

“We have to give businesses more freedom to operate in a way that’s reasonably safe,” Barr said, according to Bloomberg. “To the extent that governors don’t and impinge on either civil rights or on the national commerce — our common market that we have here — then we’ll have to address that.”

Barr said the federal government may weigh in to support any lawsuits against states they believe are pushing lockdown limits too far. One state that is likely to fit the bill is Michigan, where hundreds have flaunted distancing guidelines to protest at the state capital, arguing Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is abusing her authority.

Barr said that the approach will be to try and convince the governors to ease some of the restrictions. If this is unsuccessful they will side with and support any and all plaintiffs who sue the states over the restrictive measures.

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2 years ago

Witmer can try to extend this crap because of her retailiation against us, but we the people will also double down and refuse to comply to her nazi BS! I encourage everyone who loves their freedom to sign the petition to get her out of our office!

2 years ago

Sorry AG Barr.. I’ve heard this song one too many times.. you’re turning out to be as useless as Jeff Sessions. You’re not going to do a thing and you know it! That’s the third time I’ve read… you MAY take action. $&@% or get off the pot!!!

Dennis B Anderson
2 years ago

I made mention that walk through ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL walk through spray stations could be set up in Walmart, Kmart grocery store parking lots. The coronavirus can`t live 8 seconds after being sprayed. The alcohol dries in seconds people can walk through these stations before going into the stores. No more virus.

Sisolak The King
Sisolak The King
2 years ago

Right, they will step in. Threats are nothing unless something is done. My governor will not do anything until there are 14 consecutive days showing a drop in new cases AND a drop in deaths. It has to be both at the same time. Then he will “consider” moving to the next stage. That’s nearly impossible. We will be locked up til July or August! Now I know why people call me state NEVADUH!

Dennis taylor
Dennis taylor
2 years ago

Why is it democrats who are always trying to limit constitutional freedoms? The best cure for this problem I can think of is just don’t vote for any democrats and you will be preserving your freedom and liberty.

2 years ago
Reply to  Dennis taylor

Demoncrats I have to say are totally insane now. Their hatred of President Trump and all his successes has driven all of them over the edge. The Chinese virus has given them a new weapon to use doing everything to keep it going. Anyone who still votes for these insane people is just as crazy as they are. One would have to be mentally deficient if they can not see that Democrats are attempting to destroy this country and what it stands for.

Albert Kinyon
Albert Kinyon
2 years ago

What is the point of suing the state over the actions of an individual? If your going to do anything hold governor personally responsible for his actions!!!

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