Pompeo Promises Self-Defense in Iraq After Attacks

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has promised to act in self-defense after the United States was hit with attacks from Iran backed militants in Iraq.

According to The Hill:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the Iraqi prime minister that the U.S. is prepared to act in self-defense if attacked in Iraq, according to a readout of a call between the two officials released on Monday.


Pompeo spoke with Iraq’s Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi on Sunday and called on the Iraqi government to fulfill its obligations protecting coalition troops working in the country to defeat ISIS and identify and hold accountable the groups responsible for a rocket attack last week that injured three U.S. troops.

Sunday’s call came after U.S. and Iraqi service members were wounded in a Katyusha rocket attack on Camp Taji base, north of Baghdad, which hosts coalition forces engaged in the fight against ISIS.

Three U.S. service members were wounded, the Department of Defense said on Sunday, adding that two of them were seriously injured and were being treated at a U.S. military hospital in Baghdad.


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