Fox News Host Exposes John Kerry’s Hypocrisy

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has exposed more Democrat hypocrisy.

This time he showed how John Kerry claimed during his presidential run that foreign leaders wanted him to be president over George W. Bush.

According to Town Hall:


Fox News’s Tucker Carlson is at it again, exposing the hypocrisy among Democrats attacking President Trump over Ukraine.

On Tuesday’s program, Carlson dug up a 2004 comment from John Kerry when he was a presidential candidate talking about how foreign leaders wanted to see him defeat then-President George W. Bush in the election.

“John Kerry has been talking to anyone who will listen about the president’s shocking behavior with Ukraine,” Carlson said of the former secretary of state’s numerous media appearances denouncing Trump over his July call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

“Kerry is full of it, you knew that. But, just to put some meat on those bones, during the 2004 election, which he lost, John Kerry openly bragged about soliciting support from foreign leaders against his opponent that year, the incumbent President George W. Bush,” the host said.

Previously Carlson pointed out how Bill Clinton leveraged his position to affect a decision in Britain during the 2000 election cycle.


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