Socialized Medicine Would Be The Biggest Job Killing Mistake

Medicare-for-all is a popular Democrat policy proposal, but its effects would be devastating to the economy and the health care sector. Fox News reports:

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., the lead House sponsor of the sweeping “Medicare-for-all” health care plan, said this week that her proposed program would force about 1 million employees of private health insurance companies out of their jobs.

She made the remarks during a town hall at American University, while stressing her goal to try and help those “displaced” by a shift to a government-managed health care system.

“There are a lot of people who work in the private insurance industry,” Jayapal said. “We have thought carefully about how we’d take care of those folks because we think those people are very important.”

In video taken by conservative group “America Rising,” she predicted “there’s about a million people we think will be displaced if ‘Medicare-for-all’ happens” and then outlined how her bill would “take care” of those people whose jobs are made redundant.


Without even considering the health care quality that would deteriorate in a government run system, the close to 1 million workers would lose their jobs, creating a recession that would impact the economy and many more Americans.

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3 years ago

Medicare for all means the worst healthcare for all. Anyone who doubts that, go live abroad in any of the “govt run” health insurance countries. It’s fabulous as long as you are never sick or never injured. It completely bites WHEN, not if, but when you need it.

Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
3 years ago

Of course, they always have George Soros as insurance.

3 years ago

As the doctor on FOX NEWS said, with socialized Medicine, 20 weeks wait for routine appointment, 10 weeks delay for critical surgery or even testing to see if surgery needed. Ant that was also what Canadians told me on Vancouver Island many years ago, when we visited there. My family was touring White’s Castle, and I could not handle all the stairs, so stayed outside with my Motor Home, in parking lot. Across the street was Canadian Housing for Seniors, and I talked to about 20 of them while they waited for the bus. Said care was good, if not too sick, and not needing test or diagnostic of problems, but when such occurred, they usually made trip to USA, where they could go to Emergency Room, be seen right away, and then be transferred to, and scheduled for surgery, or treatment that day. They had to pay cash or check, with identification, but better then long wait, with delays for appointments in Canadian system. And it has not become better. Saw it all along our Northern border, in talking to visitors from north of the border.
——–Also in 1968-70, I taught Canadians at Grand Forks, N.D. on F101 aircraft Avionics. And they told me the same story then, even for them in the military. Liked our system in USA, where they went to sick call, was seen, diagnosed, received prescriptions, and continued on active duty, in class each day.
—– I have a good medical care, from Medicare with Tricare for Life. I served 20 plus years (actually 26 years 18 days) to qualify for Tricare for Life, which pays the co-pays. Medicare pays first 80% up to a limit, and TFL pays 20%. For wife and me. But DNC and Politicians of both parties want to mess with that, which is part of my retirement benefits, that was earned. Not a gimme for breathing, as Bernie Sanders wants to initiate it. And they are campaigning on “Payment for not working” when USA is running short of bodies to work. Down to 3.6% unemployment, with over a million jobs needing workers. So they want to bring in foreigners to take those jobs. Better to release our prison population, if they will go to work, and maintain working. Do not go back to Crime or Felony violations.

Gerald Ladd
3 years ago

Isn’t funny Mick Jagger came to America for his operation! So much for socialized care!

Shelba Herring
3 years ago

Anybody that wants medicare for all is a first class fool, it will be like British healthcare, if you remember reading about two babies that were sick, the parents were not allowed to take their babies and seek care for them in another country, the US offered care for one, the US was told basically to F-off that the baby could die which he did, Italy offered to care for the other baby since the US was not allowed to help the first baby and they were told the same thing, both of these babies died because the doctors in England declared it to be, they didn’t give the US or Italy a chance to see if they could help, the doctors said they could die so they did, right now when a US citizen seeks health care the doctors in this country don’t give up until the patient draws his/her last breath of natural causes due to the type of disease they had, do you think if you had medicare for all if you had cancer and you were old do you think that the doctors would be allowed to spend the time and money to keep you alive they would be told your usefulness was over so let you die

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