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Kathy Barnette Surges in Pennsylvania Primary

In a race that has been focused on just two candidates, her shock rise has come out of nowhere. Last month, Kathy Barnette had single digit support in polls. She ranked fifth place in most of them, well behind front runners Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick. Now, she’s made it a three-way tie with the leaders.

Democrat Mayor Issues ‘Call to Arms’ Over SCOTUS Hypothetical

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot used her personal account to baselessly assert the Supreme Court would target LGBT legislation in their next move before attempting to rile up her followers in an apparent call to take physical action. We will not surrender our rights without a fight—a fight to victory! — Lori Lightfoot (@LoriLightfoot) May 10,

Giuliani Cancels January 6th Committee Interview

The interview was scheduled for Friday afternoon, but the committee would not meet Giuliani’s last minute demand. According to The Hill, Giuliani wanted the virtual interview recorded as well as transcribed. “Mr. Giuliani had agreed to participate in a transcribed interview with the Select Committee,” said committee spokesperson Tim Mulvey. “Today, he informed committee investigators that

Kansas Lawmakers Side with Democrat Governor’s Veto

The overwhelmingly Republican Kansas House of Representatives sustained Democratic Governor Laura Kelly’s veto is two controversial bills. The Senate had earlier voted to override Kelly’s veto of both bills. According to The Hill: The state House of Representatives on Thursday voted to sustain Kelly’s veto of Senate Bill 160 – officially titled the “Fairness in Women’s Sports

Jan. 6th Committee Reportedly Plans to Investigate Ginni Thomas’ Texts

Sources at CNN say the committee wants to interview her about her correspondence with former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Vice Chair Liz Cheyney (R-WY) had previously been relucent to subpoena her for fear of causing controversy due to her husband, but now indicates she believes the texts warrant questioning. The committee has had ongoing

Democrat Proposes Seizing Property from Protesters Headed Toward D.C.

As law enforcement monitors a truck convoy moving towards D.C., one congressman has a novel (and illegal) idea to halt their progress. “Freedom Convoy” protests began in Canada when leagues of truckers, fed up with COVID mandates, occupied the area around the capital in Ottawa. The protests came to an end when Prime Minister Justin

Biden Gets Bad Approval Rating News

Even the mainstream pollsters can’t make Joe Biden look good. According to The Daily Wire: President Joe Biden’s approval rating at the 100-day mark of his presidency is the “third-lowest” since tracking began in 1945, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll. “All told, 52% of Americans in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll

Biden Makes Surprising Admission

Joe Biden has admitted that the Democrats do not have the votes in the Senate to convict former President Trump. According to Town Hall: Though President Biden is all in on a Senate impeachment trial, telling CNN he believes it “has to happen,” even he is acknowledging the reality that the upper chamber will not

Radical Congresswoman’s Neighbor to Fly Israeli Flag

The congressperson occupying the office next to radical Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib will fly an Iraeli flag. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s (D., Mich.) new neighbor in her congressional office building intends to fly an Israeli flag as a statement against Tlaib’s anti-Israel stance. Freshman Rep. Kat Cammack (R., Fla.), who has