Major New Step Taken To Combat Opioid Epidemic

The Trump Administration has taken new steps to combat the drug epidemic that is ravaging the nation. The Hill reports:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday took a step to encourage the development of more drugs to treat opioid addiction.

The FDA issued guidance to encourage the development of more drugs that can be used in what is known as Medication Assisted Treatment, a leading way to treat people with opioid addiction, through using certain drugs to reduce dependence on opioids.


“The Trump Administration is pursuing every opportunity to address our country’s opioid epidemic and support patients struggling with opioid use disorder,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.

“The evidence is clear: medication-assisted treatment works, and it is a key piece of defeating the drug crisis facing our country,” he added. “The FDA’s new guidances have the potential to bring new medications to market that are more closely tailored to patient needs and help give Americans facing addiction a better chance at recovery.”

This is a huge step in solving a major health crisis in America.

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Sharon Jeanguenat
Sharon Jeanguenat
5 years ago

No matter WHAT steps are taken, it’s NOT going to stop drug addicts. People who actually need pain meds, or like me, I need med for my restless legs, are the ones who will pay the penalty for the idiot users. They can get their opiods on the street, & could care less if it’s illegal or not. My med for my restless legs was just made a controlled substance, because SOME idiots open the capsules, & snort the powder. I take mine as prescribed, so don’t have a problem like that. It also worries me that some doctors are refusing entirely to prescribe pain meds, because of all the paper work, & for fear there’ll be a problem of some sort, & then they get a visit from the DEA. Opioids is a problem, I agree, but making the honest people pay the penalty isn’t the way to solve it.

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