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Moderna Reports Solid Phase 1 Vaccine Data

Moderna, a biotech company working on a coronavirus vaccine has reported positive results from phase 1 of the vaccine trial. According to The Hill: The biotech company Moderna on Monday reported “positive” data on its potential coronavirus vaccine from an early clinical trial, raising hopes about the effort. The company said early data from a phase

Schumer Promises to Force Votes on Possible Impechment Witnesses

Senator Chuck Schumer has stated that he will force the Senate to vote on possible impeachment witnesses. In order for the Democrats to call witnesses, they will need four GOP Senators to vote with them. According to The Hill: Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Tuesday that Democrats will force votes on witnesses at the start

White House Reconsidering Lengthy Senate Trial

The White House is apparently reconsidering a lengthy Senate trial and have instead been considering a short one that will get it over as quickly as possible. According to The Hill: The White House is softening its calls for a lengthy Senate impeachment trial that would include several controversial witnesses just as the House prepares to impeach President