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Biden Breaks Grim Milestone

Joe Biden slammed Trump for the Covid deaths during his administration. Well, Biden’s death count has reached 250,000. According to The Washington Free Beacon: More than a quarter million Americans have died from COVID-19 on President Joe Biden’s watch, according to the Washington Free Beacon‘s proprietary death tracker. (Other media outlets have stopped counting, for some reason.)

China Eyes Taking Over Bagram

A new report is indicating that China is looking to takeover Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The Chinese military is reportedly eyeing a move into Bagram Air Base, only weeks after the Biden administration ordered a withdrawal from what was the United States’ largest military installation in Afghanistan. Multiple

Biden Caught in a Lie About a Synagogue

Joe Biden has been caught in a lie about a claimed visit to a synagogue. According to The Washington Free Beacon: A Pittsburgh synagogue that was the site of the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in U.S. history disputed President Joe Biden’s claim that he visited after the massacre. In October 2018, a gunman killed 11 people

Biden Administration has Taken A Lot of Losses at the Supreme Court

The Biden administration has been racking up losses at the Supreme Court, and two recent ones have drawn attention to them. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Thursday night’s decision ending the federal ban on evictions is the latest in a string of judicial reversals for President Joe Biden. Earlier in the week, the Court ordered the

Military Leader Fired for Criticizing ‘Inept’ Military Leadership

A Marine Batallion Commander has been fired for criticizing the leadership in the military. According to The Washington Free Beacon: A sitting Marine battalion commander was fired Friday after he slammed the “ineptitude” of U.S. military leadership over the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, saying he was willing to risk losing his 17-year career and future retirement

Biden’s Words Come Back to Haunt Him

Joe Biden made a statement about his foreign policy team and the recent events in Afghanistan have proven those statements to be wrong. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Thursday’s suicide bombings in Kabul, which claimed the lives of at least 13 American servicemen, marked the deadliest day for U.S. troops in Afghanistan since 2011. President Joe

GOP Lawmakers Issue Warning About Biden

Joe Biden does not have plans to keep cash out of the Taliban’s hands according to GOP Lawmakers. According to The Washington Free Beacon: As the Biden administration scrambles to evacuate American personnel from Afghanistan, it is overlooking the Taliban’s plans to seize some $10 billion in assets held by Afghanistan’s central bank, according to

Poll Says Biden is a Weak Leader

Joe Biden is a weak leader, at least according to a new poll. According to The Washington Free Beacon: A majority of American voters believe President Joe Biden is a weak leader, according to a poll conducted this week amid the collapse of the Afghan government to the Taliban. Fifty-three percent of registered voters who

Press Secretary Psaki ‘Out of Office’ as Afghanistan Implodes

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was apparently “out of office” while Afghanistan descended into chaos. According to The Washington Free Beacon: White House press secretary Jen Psaki is “out of the office” this week as the Taliban executes its takeover of Afghanistan, according to automated messages her office has sent to media organizations. Fox

Biden Looking to Reward States With More Immigrants

Part of Biden’s infrastructure bill that Democrats are pushing through Congress seems to reward states with more immigrants. According to The Daily Wire: The infrastructure bill pushed by President Biden and Senate Democrats apparently rewards states with more immigrants, offering them federal money based on the number of “covered populations” proportional to the total number