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Poll Shows America has Trust Issues With Joe Biden

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say they can’t trust Joe Biden according to a new poll. According to The New York Post: As President Biden’s first year in office comes to an end, nearly two out of every three Americans has doubts and reservations about him — with 70 percent saying his policies have worsened the

Chris Cuomo to Sue CNN

A new report indicates that Chris Cuomo is looking to sue CNN. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Cuomo has retained lawyers to secure the remainder of his four-year contract, worth $6 million annually, the New York Post reported Monday. CNN, however, has “no intention” of paying Cuomo. “CNN has a standard morality clause in their contract that

CNN’s Don Lemon was Advising Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett shocked many on Tuesday when he testified under oath that CNN anchor Don Lemon had been advising him on the police investigation into his the ‘hate crime’ he allegedly tried to fake. As The Washington Free Beacon reports: CNN anchor Don Lemon warned disgraced actor Jussie Smollett in 2019 that Chicago police did not

Susan Collins Slams Pelosi’s Hack Commission

Even Nancy Pelosi picking which Republicans would sit on the January 6th commission was too much for Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine). According to Town Hall: On Sunday’s edition of CNN’s “State of the Union,” many topics were discussed between host Jake Tapper and Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). What’s particularly grabbing headlines, though, is the senator’s comments about

CNN Still Hasn’t Fired Jeffrey Toobin 6-Months Later

It has been 6 months since Jeff Toobin’s Zoom masturbation incident. He was promptly fired from the ‘New Yorker’ but CNN has yet to fire him. According to The Washington Free Beacon: You’ve gotta hand it to Jeffrey Toobin. The CNN legal analyst was promptly fired by the New Yorker after masturbating on a Zoom call in October 2020

‘Gutfeld!’ off to a Great Start on Fox

The new show on Fox News  “Gutfeld!,” is off to a great start despite what critics have said. According to Town Hall: Gutfeld!,” the new daily late-night Fox News show hosted by Greg Gutfeld, is doing extremely well. “The Greg Gutfeld Show,” which Gutfeld hosted from its premiere in 2015 until it ended March 2021, topped late-night shows

CNN Anchor Decides to Complain About Trump Instead of Covering News

CNN anchor Brian Stelter complained about the strain of covering the Trump White House instead of covering the actual news of the day. According to Fox News: CNN’s in-house media pundit Brian Stelter dedicated his “Reliable Sources” program on Sunday to airing the liberal network’s grievances about how President Trump treated the press over the past “five years.” The often-mocked

Fauci Responds to Trump Criticism

Dr. Anthoony Fauci has responded to President Trump calling him an alarmist by stating that he is, in fact, a realist. According to The Daily Wire: Speaking with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases responded to Trump’s comments on Sunday characterizing him as “a little bit

Dr. Birx Upset That News Cycle Still Includes Trump’s ‘Disinfectant’ Comments

Dr. Deborah Birx who leads the White House coronavirus task force has stated that it upsets her that the President’s comments about disinfectants still dominate the news cycle. According to The Hill: Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, said Sunday that news coverage of President Trump‘s comments about light, heat and disinfectants as potential treatments

Trump Considering Lawsuit Against CNN

President Trump is considering filing a lawsuit against CNN after a Project Veritas report was released exposing Trump bias at the network. According to Town Hall: President Trump floated the idea of suing CNN after a Project Veritas exposed the network’s “personal vendetta” against the president. … “Project Veritas-Obtained Undercover Videos Highlight Jeff Zucker’s (@CNN)