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CDC Says It ‘Accidentally’ Inflated COVID Death Numbers

The CDC revised its data this week, reducing pediatric deaths from COVID by a nearly 24%. It was part of a larger removal of over 70,000 deaths. The CDC claims it was the result of an unintentional error, but critics have pointed out the logical flaw since the reporting method was disclosed. ** Correction with

TSA Doubles Down on Commuter Mask Mandate

The TSA has extended the mandatory mask mandate on public transport until at least April 18th. That includes planes, trains, and buses. According to NBC News: TSA Administrator David Pekoske said in a statement the agency’s collaboration with industry and federal partners has been instrumental through the pandemic, “and now we are seeing a light

Former CDC Director Makes Acknowledgement That Should Upset Parents

There is not enough data to support masking children in schools. According to former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield, that is a fair criticism. According to Town Hall: Former Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Dr. Robert Redfield responded to pushback from Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum about the lack of solid data behind the

CDC Influenced by Teachers’ Unions?

The CDC’s school reopening guidelines reportedly were influenced by teachers’ unions. According to Fox News: EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans are demanding answers from the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on whether new school reopening guidelines were based on politics and Democratic campaign donations rather than coronavirus science. GOP leaders on the House Energy and Commerce Committee are

Senior Offical at CDC Accuses Trade Adviser Navarro of Denouncing Trump

A senior official with the CDC stated that the criticism of the agency by White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro is actually a denunciation of Trump. According to The Hill: A senior official for the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that White House trade adviser Peter Navarro’s criticism of the agency’s initial coronavirus

Trump Admin Threatens Airlines for not Providing Foreign Passenger Info to CDC

The Trump administration has threatened fines against airlines if they do not share foreign passenger data with the Center for Disease Control. According to The Hill: The Trump administration has reportedly threatened airlines with fines unless they expand the types of data they collect on passengers to combat the spread of coronavirus. Airlines have pushed