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POLL: Trump Leads Biden-Harris in Hypothetical Rematch

A new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey released to The Hill finds a significant advantage for Trump in a 2024 rematch. If the 2024 presidential election were held right now, the poll finds Trump getting 47 percent support compared to 41 percent for Biden. Twelve percent of voters are undecided. Vice President Harris performs even worse

Ted Cruz in 2024?

After coming second in the 2016 GOP primaries, Ted Cruz (R-TX) seems a likely pick for 2024. Though he’s waiting for Trump’s decision to run or not, it’s no secret that Cruz wants the position. According to NBC News: During the second term of the Obama administration, Cruz, newly elected to the Senate, rose to

Chris Christie Says Biden is ‘Dead and Buried’

Biden doesn’t have a chance in 2024 if you ask Chris Christie. According to Townhall: Observing President Biden’s trip to Capitol Hill on Friday in an effort to reconcile warring factions of his party over the infrastructure bill and a massive spending package, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said it was clear candidate Biden

Poll Gives Kamala Harris Bad News

A new poll gives Kamala Harris bad news especially when it comes to her hopes for becoming president. According to The Washington Free Beacon: A majority of Americans are not confident that Vice President Kamala Harris is ready to be president, according to a national poll of likely voters. The poll, conducted this month by

Trump Banned by Facebook for 2 Years

Facebook has made its final decision on its ban of Trump from the platform and has announced that the ban will last for 2 years. This is leading to speculation that the ban will end just in time for Trump to run in 2024. After the ban President Trump released a statement promising not to

Trump Promises he Will be Back

President Trump made a promise that he will be back in some form as he departed Washington for the last time as President. According to Fox News: President Trump on Wednesday morning told supporters that “we will be back in some form” after he departed the White House for the final time as president, just hours ahead of the