Idaho’s Republican Governor Reluctantly Signs Heartbeat Abortion Ban

Brad Little, CC BY 2.0

Republican Governor Brad Little signed a copycat law mirroring Texas’ novel Heartbeat Act, but not without reservation.

The law effectively bans abortions after six weeks and gives enforcement powers to private citizens instead of government officials.

The Idaho law gives family members of the “preborn child” the right to sue medical providers who provide abortions beyond when cardiac activity is detected. It does make exceptions for rape and incest, which its Texan counterpart does not.


While signing the law, Little voiced support for Idahoans who want to protect the lives of unborn babies, but cautioned that the law’s implementation sets a “both unconstitutional and unwise” precedent.

“Deputizing private citizens to levy hefty monetary fines on the exercise of a disfavored but judicially recognized constitutional right for the purpose of evading court review undermines our constitutional form of government and weakens our collective liberties,” he said.

Unless the law is blocked by the courts, it will go into effect in 30 days.

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Jim Ashby
Jim Ashby
2 years ago

Detect a heartbeat, NO Abortion! Period! All of the children born in the USA should be considered sacred.

Sandra Lee Smith
Sandra Lee Smith
2 years ago

There is NO “Constitutional right” to murder a living human being! Nowhere does our Constitution support infanticide; it’s but 1 of many MAN-devised privileges, mislabeled “rights”, claimed to be found in the 14th A, mostly, that just are not there in the words, or the author’s intent, per his presentation to Congress! That 9 black robed activist terrorists declared it a “right” doesn’t make it 1; only Yhwh God has the knowledge & wisdom to declare an human right, because only He can read all hearts.
Punishing the innocent child for the SIN of its parents, is just wrong! Save the child & punish the GUILTY!

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