Sidney Powell Bails on Interviewer Who Grills Her on Election Claims

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Former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, who has made powerful election fraud claims, but has failed to provide evidence to back those claims up recently bailed on an interview when grilled about her claims.

According to Mediaite:

Among those false claims and conspiracy theories: that Smartmatic owns Dominion (it doesn’t) and that Smartmatic flipped votes from Biden to Trump in multiple states (Smartmatic operated in just one California county during the 2020 election).


Ferguson first questioned Powell on how many states Smartmatic operated in during the election.

“I don’t even know the exact numbers,” Powell said.

This seemed to astonish Ferguson, who said Powell must’ve known the answer given her myriad of wild accusations against the company.

Many have criticized Powell for not presenting evidence when it could have helped President Trump fight the election results. Powell continues to make powerful claims even in the face of lawsuits. Her next chance to present her evidence will be during the discovery phase of the lawsuit filed against her by Dominion.

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Norma Ross
1 year ago

Sidney had plenty of evidence, but the courts wouldn’t hear it!

1 year ago

There is plenty evidence of fraud, in a dozen ststes or better. The truth is coming out, and we all know hidenbiden,didn’t win the election. Trump crushed him every where, and the truth is coming out, against the cheating,lying,dummycraps,

1 year ago

Wrong! Article says votes were flipped “from Biden to Trump” when everyone knows it was the other way around….TRUMP TO BIDEN. Careful what you type!

1 year ago

Trump won, Biden lost. What happened to the postal worker who hauled ballots across state lines, then his trailer went missing? Does anyone know?

1 year ago

Sidney Is OK.
This Is More Than
Was Trump Cheated
Out Of An Election.
This Is Like A 20 Layer
Cake And Sidney Is Only
One Layer. It Is Very Complicated
And Involved. It Involves Matters Of
Military Intelligence, They Watched This
2020 Election Very Closely. They Know
Who WON And By How Many Votes, They Also
WHO Changed THEN.
Members Of Both Parties Were Involved As
Well As Foreign Countries.
If Anyone Really Thinks That The
Senile Old Man Is Really The President,
Your Whole World Will Collapse…………..
In The Not Too Distant Future.
May God Bless The United States
Of America.

Philip Byler
Philip Byler
1 year ago


This story is nonsensical hype lacking in substance. Sidney is absolutely on target with her allegations against Dominion.

In contrast to Trump and his large enthusiastic crowds, during the campaign, Biden was in his basement for the most part and could not attract a crowd once he did emerge from the basement, and Biden blurted out the truth on October 24, 2020. Biden’s exact words: “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”  There was no “context” that explains away these words. 

Are we to believe that a doddering Biden, who developed no connection to the American People, got 16 million more legal votes than did Hillary in 2016 and Obama in 2012 and 12 million more legal votes than a seemingly charismatic Obama in 2008? No way. It took coordination for swing states all to stop counting around midnight when Trump was ahead and in the middle of the night have statistically impossible massive Biden vote dumps. Twenty of twenty-one bellwether counties went for Trump. Ohio, Florida, and Iowa all went for Trump handily – since 1852, when that happened, the candidate who won those states even by small margins won the election, except in 1960 when there were charges of and later convictions for vote fraud. The foregoing cannot be reconciled without Democrat vote fraud and is actually just for starters for the proof of Democrat vote fraud involving the specific states.

The 2020 vote fraud was made possible by lax procedures as to mail-in voting and absentee ballots, ballot harvesting, corrupt election officials allowing ballot dumping, and Dominion vote-counting machines that weighted votes and were connected to the internet allowing for foreign hacking; there were more mail-in ballots counted than mail-in ballots mailed out in Pennsylvania; the thousands of affidavits attesting to vote fraud are stunning (e.g. a UPS driver who drove 100,000 fraudulent ballots from New York to Pennsylvania); there are videos of legal ballots for Trump being destroyed; there are videos of ballot-box stuffing; there were millions of votes cast that had only a Presidential choice made. The affidavits attached to the Michigan and Georgia Complaints are an impressive body of evidence.

1 year ago
Reply to  Philip Byler

The likelihood that the election was probably rigged — and it IS a probability rather than a fact — does in no way substantiate that Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are legit or even that they’re trying to prove election fraud; at times it sure looks like t hey’re mounting a false-flag operation to discredit the evidence, which they have repeatedly failed to present to authorities.

As I noted elsewhere on this thread, they deliberately sabotaged voting for Georgia’s two Senate seats. The election tabulations were so close that it seems obvious they threw the election to Donks by urging Republicans not to vote. The upshot was a return of control of the Senate to Donks and Groper Joe BiteMe.

As for the impressiveness of affadavits prepared in Michigan, that’s news to me, a nearly lifelong Michigan resident.

1 year ago
Reply to  Philip Byler

Its the biggest coverup pf our time.

1 year ago

What’s most suspicious about Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, who seem to be deliberately discrediting an election accounting, is that they urged Republicans to NOT vote in both U.S. Senate races in Georgia in the past year. The result? The Donk candidates narrowly edged both Republican nominees, and Donks took over control of the Senate. Even one Republican win in Georgia would have preserved GOP control in the chamber.

Also, it should not be overlooked that Powell and Wood have not been acting in the capacity of representing Trump. None of their post-election posturing has been as representatives of Trump or his campaign.

Powell’s and Wood’s work has been so sloppy that in court documents they listed hundreds of precincts — maybe thousands — in the wrong state. I think they conflated Minnesota and Michigan. Good thing they are acting on behalf of themselves and not a client, or they could be subject to sanctions — maybe even disbarment — for their obviously substandard conduct.

They may be sincere, but lots of doubt is in order.

1 year ago

There are Too many Inconsistencies to simply be Coincidence…. Tally Sheets are off, ballots are missing, PROVEN double and Triple counting on State security videos, missing hard drives, failure to supply Routers for forensic audit, blocked Audits, Democratic Obstruction, Uncorrected Voter rolls, mass mailings of ballots, Failure to secure ballots during Transit, Public officials blocking Evidence, Officials refusing to HEAR evidence,
PUBLIC OFFICIALS BLOCKING AUDITS,…. IF there is nothing to hide ?,…. why hide it? simply come clean with the TRUTH,…. AND RESTORE voter confidence ! Conversely If You have Evidence, Provide it, document it, and Enter it into the record, DO NOT KEEP CLAIMING EVIDENCE AND NOT PROVIDE IT, SOME OF US WANT TO SEE IT AND DECIDE FOR OURSELVES !

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