Biden Administration has Taken A Lot of Losses at the Supreme Court

Joe Ravi via Wikimedia Commons

The Biden administration has been racking up losses at the Supreme Court, and two recent ones have drawn attention to them.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

Thursday night’s decision ending the federal ban on evictions is the latest in a string of judicial reversals for President Joe Biden. Earlier in the week, the Court ordered the president to maintain the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum-seekers. This spring, Biden appointees at the Justice Department blundered into a unanimous defeat in a little-noticed criminal sentencing dispute.


In some cases, the errors were self-inflicted. The administration has enacted policies knowing they were on uncertain legal ground, doubled down on assertions picked apart in the lower federal courts, and flipped positions in pending cases only to lose by a lopsided margin. In an unusual delay, the president did not nominate a solicitor general, the government’s top representative in the High Court, until Aug. 11.

Thursday’s decision followed a June dispute over an earlier iteration of the eviction ban, in which the Supreme Court signaled the moratorium was unlawful. The Centers for Disease Control, with backing from the White House, chose to extend the eviction ban anyway, inviting a high stakes confrontation over the scope of its authority.

The bet was a bad one, as Thursday’s decision will hamstring policymakers going forward. The CDC suspended evictions under a provision of the Public Health Service Act that empowers the agency to stop the spread of communicable diseases among the states. The High Court construed that provision narrowly on Thursday, saying it only authorizes actions that directly relate to transmission reduction, such as inspections or pest extermination. But it does not, the Court stressed, sanction any policy that conceivably slows the spread of disease.

Maybe the Supreme Court is taking its duty seriously this term.

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15 days ago

All I ask of our Supreme Court is to rule according to our Constitution. The last thing we want is a Judge who rules according to a party. The Democrats need to remember that we are a Republic and needs to be Judged that way.

15 days ago
Reply to  Whipsilver

I AGREE wholeheartedly !! The Supreme Court “should be” above the petty politics we see going on every day!!

William Petite
William Petite
15 days ago

The Supreme Court was never meant to be political. But never the less, it has been, But the ability of the Congress to expand the members, needs to be changed, just that threat, will always be a cloud over the court. That threat is just not to the USSC, but to the very Constitution itself, and We The People.

Richard Brown
Richard Brown
15 days ago

I’m a constitutional conservative, the constitution provides for a system to regulate laws passed by the legislature that are contrary to its design.
the biden administration seems to see fit to violate these standards at every turn. If a corrupt and unjust government attempts to rule by decree, the solution is to remove their ability by judicial reversal. But, the courts should not be allowed to make law. If the biden administration has its way, it would pack the Supreme Court with as many anti American and anti constitution judges it would take to make it a monarchy. This cannot be allowed. Barring a repeat of the 2020 rigged elections. The only viable solution is at the polls. VOTE ONLY REPUBLICAN.
unless you want to see this great country fall into the quagmire of socialism. No democrat should ever hold public office again. And no one, absolutely no one who votes for a democrat is a true American. They support the annihilation of this country whether they know it or not. Our future is in the hands of our youth and that literally scares the hell out of me. Any teacher, grade school, high school, college, that advocates the hatred and destruction of American should be summarily removed from their position and never allowed to teach in the United States. They should be sent to the Socialist Nirvana of there choice. As the poet musician,Meryl Hagard once said, “if you don’t love it leave it”
May God bless these United States of America 🇺🇸

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