President Trump Looking to Africa to Target Iran

President Trump is taking a non-traditional approach to counter Iran by looking to Africa, according to reports.

According to The Hill:

The Trump administration is turning toward Africa in an effort to bolster its alliance against Iran.


The U.S. is looking to Sudan and Morocco as key partners in the effort to counter Tehran, part of a larger American and Middle East alliance led by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia.

And the administration is offering key incentives for the two African countries to soften relations with Israel to strengthen the alliance.

For Sudan, a groundbreaking public meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Feb. 3 was seen as its signal to the U.S. that it’s committed to deepening relations with Washington and shedding its status as a state sponsor of terrorism.

The Trump admin is considering recognizing disputed territory by Morocco as their in exchange for Morocco opening up relations with Israel.


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